Leica’s Kyoto Store Beautifully Blends German Engineering and Japanese Aesthetic

This past March Leica announced the opening of a new flagship store. It sits on Hanamikoji Street in the Gion district of Kyoto, Japan.

Honoring the existing two-story home, traditionally known in Japanese culture as a Machiya, much of the 100 year-old structure was left intact, with only internal renovations being made. Harnessing the best of both aesthetics, the store shows off the German camera maker’s identity and style while paying tribute to the history and culture of the 1200 year-old city it resides in.


While the video is short and shows merely snippets of the inside of the new location, it’s incredible to see just how meticulously Leica made sure to respectfully incorporate their branding without diluting the cultural value of the store’s location. It’s only in the context they’ve provided that you will find such a deliberate attempt to bring the precision of German engineering to the craft-making tradition that much of Kyoto’s culture was built upon.

For a little closer peek at the store, the below video takes an inside look at the opening reception of the store.

To see more information on the store and check gallery hours, you can head on over to Leica’s website, here.

(via Leica Rumors)

  • Thekaph

    I want to travel to Japan so bad right now.

  • Greg Heller

    That is a beautiful facility Leica has in Kyoto — all stores should be that nice.

  • PazinBoise

    Very nice promotional piece. Makes me wish I was there right now.

  • Aezreth

    That’s some seriously beautiful architecture.

  • Joe Gunawan

    That is so beautiful. I just love the Japanese aesthetic. I’d definitely visit it if and when I go to Japan

  • Carl

    When Germany and Japan get together only good things h…oh wait.

  • markz

    I really wanted to find something snarky to say…

    but having spent almost 9 months in Kyoto I can say they really have done this well.
    Very much fitting in to the spirit of Hanamikoji Dori…

  • zer0_0zor0


  • docholliday666

    Almost all the Leica galleries, boutiques, and stores have the same requirements from Leica – some of the US stores look just as good. The new Leica SF does!

  • Stefan Markiewicz

    Ahh, you posted it a week too late, I just came back to Europe from Kyoto.