A Leica Store is Selling a One-of-a-Kind Marble Leica M Camera

marble sculpture of a leica camera

The Leica Store Lisse, located in the Netherlands, is currently selling a one-of-a-kind, life size, marble replica of a Leica M camera, sculpted by artist Capser Braat.

Spotted by Leica Rumors, Leica Store Lisse explains that Braat has made a series of marble sculptures that depict a wide array of items that consist of everything from houshold appliances to clothing and consumables.

“Working mostly with cultural icons, this particular work features the Leica M camera,” the store says.

Braat describes his work as representing the every day as “pure extravagance,” which is driven by a fascination with the consumption-based society.

marble sculpture of a leica camera

“No matter where one is in the world, consumption is deeply entrenched into daily life. Our society values convenience over all else, a drive underlined by a need for luxury, with a fetish for the new. Brands and corporations reign supreme and significantly shape the global capitalist culture,” Braat’s website explains.

“Casper’s sculptures and installations glorify the every day by lifting the ordinary onto a pedestal. Monumental in material, his work is made to last forever, memorializing the excess of the present for future generations.”

“The work of Casper Braat is eerily similar to the propaganda of corporate entities. This recognition seeks to evoke the feelings of nostalgia for a comfortable past, but underneath the surface, there is a perverted reality. Casper explores the tension between the dichotomy of acceptable and unacceptable in our culture,” the Torch Gallery says of Braat’s work.

marble sculpture of a leica camera

“Icons are a reflection of what we value as a society; in our modern culture we appreciate the ostentatious lifestyles of brands and celebrities more so than traditional social values and morality. The Reflection of Superman (2018) gives a modern depiction of the once civic minded superhero; Superman is caught in a kiss with himself. We are shown that role models are no longer those who are altruistic, but rather are self gratifying narcissists.. This new hero is selfish, which we should embrace with delight.”

marble sculpture of a leica camera

Despite the highfalutin language used to describe it, Braat’s sculpture of the M series camera isn’t wildly expensive — especially for art. The Leica Store Lisse tells PetaPixel that it is available to purchase for 3,500 euros which includes shipping. Those interested in purchasing it will need to reach out to the Leica store directly.

Image credits: Leica Store Lisse/Capser Braat