Nostalgic Photo Series Shows the Evolution of Video Game Controllers


Photographer Javier Laspiur has long been a fan of video games and their respective consoles. And so, to pay tribute to the consoles of his past and the memories he made with them, he created a series that takes us on a journey through the consoles of Laspiur’s past and gives us a fascinating ‘time-lapse’ look at how much consoles have changed over the decades.

Aptly titled Controllers, the series covers everything from Teletenis to the PS Vita, pairing the controller or system he’s used with a caption that reveals the year he first played the system. It’s a fun little series that video game nerds in particular will find enjoyable:












To browse through more of Laspiur’s work — most of which is design oriented — you can give him a follow over on Behance by clicking here.

Image credits: Photographs by Javier Laspiur and used in accordance with Creative Commons licensing.

  • Kynikos

    No Intellivision? GAME OVER!

    Some of the dates are wrong. By 1985 I don’t think Atari was still making the 2600. That system was on its last legs in the video game crash of ’83.

  • DLCade

    The caption reveals the first year he played the system.

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  • Kynikos

    Ah thanks.
    Makes more sense, but not really relevant to the rest of us.

  • Gary Holtorf

    VECTREX – You left out Vectrex! 1982, MiltonBradley (GCE), 2X controllers (Joystick + 4 buttons), Lightpen, 3D Goggles, Keyboard.

  • Noel Kerns

    He should have included a picture of just the floor in the background, with the title “XBOX Kinect”.

  • SMJohnston

    This is great. I’d also include keyboard and mouse…. for SNES Mario Paint or the Dreamcast’s internet capabilities ;)

  • Tooki

    Umm…the Dreamcast came out before the Gamecube. I didn’t check for other errors, but that one was glaring.

  • Rob S

    Your geek is showing! Oh how I wanted a Vectrex

  • Rob S

    Bunches missing if you are a hard core game geek

  • Chris D Johnson

    Wow, I forgot how ugly the Sega Dreamcast controller was.

  • Harry Cunningham

    It’s the year HE first played them, not the year they came out.

  • Harry Cunningham

    Ugly? It’s by far the best controller I’ve ever used. Prefer it massively to the horrible XBox controller with its hard-to-press shoulder buttons.

  • jon

    Do the split cushions ruin this photo series for anyone else?

  • Norshan Nusi

    Sony remains consistent with their design from time to time.

  • Barry Booth

    He’s not got the Intellivision controller.

  • tarena1991

    i never held an N64 controller like that… who the hell used the D-pad?

  • jack

    is it just me, or is the hairy sofa in every pic really distracting?

  • ajfudge

    I was doing a Wikipedia round on gamepads last year simply because of boredom and I was very impressed with the iconic SNES. I’m just impressed with his acquisition of all those retro systems in good (read: shiny non-discolored) condition.