Specs for Sony’s 2/3-inch Curved Sensor and Super-Thin Accompanying f/1.2 Lens Leaked


We’ve heard a lot about Sony’s ready-for-production curved sensors — which will supposedly come in 2/3-inch and full-frame variants — but no concrete specs had made their way online… until now.

Reported initially by CNbeta, the site has obtained a copy of specs for the 2/3-inch variant of the exciting sensor and the accompanying lens, which is itself an impressive piece of hardware by the looks of it.


As you can see above, the world’s first curved sensor camera (or smartphone) will sport 22 megapixels of resolution, 10.8 stops of dynamic range at ISO 640, 41.1DB of sensitivity at ISO 400, and burst mode capabilities of 12fps at full res. It also boasts a signal to noise ratio of 18%… the same as the Canon 5D Mark III!

The lens that accompanies the sensor is listed as a 7.83mm f/1.2G lens that has an equivalent focal length of 20mm (the crop factor seems off for a 2/3-inch sensor… so be wary of this spec). This super-thin glass, by SAR‘s estimation, could make this “the smallest and highest quality compact camera ever made.”

The first photograph taken with Sony's curved sensor.

The first photograph taken with Sony’s curved sensor.

Given the size of the sensor, it’s very possible this will appear first in cell phones, taking smartphone photography to another level entirely. Then again, the mention of teleconverters makes one wonder if this is a compact with a fixed lens that will offer higher zoom with attachments (development of zoom lenses is one of the main challenges presented by curved sensors).

We’ll just have to wait and see, but we should be getting a peek at the first curved sensor camera at Photokina. And while this is only a 2/3-inch variant, the full-frame version said to be accompanied by a Zeiss 35mm f/1.8 lens is still supposedly in the pipeline.

(via sonyalpharumors)

Image credits: Photographs courtesy of Sony

  • gerald_d

    What’s with the weird aspect ratio/non-square pixels?

  • Zack Deal

    I was wondering the same thing

  • roxics

    Yeah that’s a pretty wide image if square pixels.

  • Chou Bidouh

    Sounds very promising. Also capable of 4K@24fps!

  • David_Evans

    That lens on that sensor would be the equivalent of close to 50mm on 35mm. Maybe the 20mm is a simple error.

  • Grive

    They’re not. Apparently, pixels are twice as tall as they’re wide. The native resolution is 7680 x 2880, but with a 4:3 aspect ratio and square pixels it should be 3840 x 2880. So… maybe they’re oversampling horizontally.

  • dan

    Anyone spot the f/0.6 spec with teleconverter?

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  • Dominic DeSantis

    2/3” seems a bit large for a smart phone.

  • mike brunette

    made me think of the metabone speed reducer. this would have to be the first true camera phone to allow that