Artist Replaces the Sky with Coffee Swirls to Create a Caffeine Addict’s Dream World


Artist Flora Borsi — whose fantastic Photoshop skills have made their way onto PetaPixel several times in the past — loves coffee… so much so that she set out to use her skills as a photographer and digital artist to create a “coffee universe.”

“Have you ever noticed how beautiful Coffee can be?” writes Borsi by way of description on Behance. “I was wondering about the basic rules of Nature. Our common sight of the World. I’ve created something that is different than what you’ve seen so far. This is my Coffee Universe.”

And it’s a caffeine addict’s dream world: a place where the sky is replaced by swirls of creamer or milk as they create abstract shapes in your morning cup of motivation. Looking at the images, you can almost smell the ground coffee bean aroma of this unique universe:







To see more of Borsi’s work, be sure to visit our previous coverage of some of her most popular creations and then head over to her website, Facebook or Behance to see more.

(via SLR Lounge)

Image credits: Photographs by Flora Borsi and used in accordance with Creative Commons Licensing.