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Photoshop CC Easter Eggs: Monkey, Banana, Coffee, and Toast


Did you know that hidden within Photoshop CC are a number of “easter eggs” that customize the photo editing app in wacky ways? Three that you can activate in the latest version of Photoshop CC are “Layer Monkey,” the “Banana Toolbar,” and “Coffee & Toast.”

Here’s a quick look at how you find each one (keep in mind that these are entirely for fun, i.e. completely useless):

Layer Monkey

While you have a document open, select Window->Layer Comps. Create a new Layer Comp.

Rename that Layer Comp to “Layer Monkey 0”, and you’ll suddenly see a “cute monkey face” icon looking back at you instead of the standard comps icon.

“‘Layer Monkey!’ appears in English no matter what the app or OS language is,” Adobe tells PetaPixel. “To dismiss Layer Monkey: Rename the Layer Monkey 0 Layer Comp to any other name.”

The Banana Toolbar

This easter egg is one we shared recently. First, open up the Customize Toolbar menu by either selecting Edit->Toolbar or by clicking the “•••” on your toolbar and selecting the option there.

Hold Shift while clicking the Done button, and voila! Your toolbar’s “Edit Toolbar” icon has now been replaced by a yellow banana.

To get rid of this banana, open up the same Customize Toolbar menu and hold Ctrl/Cmd while clicking on Done instead of Shift.

Coffee & Toast

You can replace Photoshop’s UX color chips with icons of coffee or toast. First, open up Photoshop/Edit->Preferences->Interface.

To replace the color chips with Toast, hold Shift and Opt/Alt while clicking on a Color Theme color chip.

To use icons of Coffee instead, hold Shift and Ctrl/Cmd while clicking on a color chip.

You can also toggle between the two options by clicking on a Color Theme repeatedly while holding the Coffee key combo. To revert back to default color chips, click on the Coffee or Toast icons again while holding the Toast key combo.