DHL Went to Hilarious Lengths to Ship This Tiny Nikon Battery Charger Safely

When we order camera gear, it’s expected that it will be packed and handled with care… but this is just absurd.

Uploaded to YouTube by user Ottar Gislason, the ready-made DHL commercial above shows how the shipping company decided to send this camera store a single Nikon MH65 battery charger in its box… that was taped to the bottom of another box… that was very securely strapped down onto its very own wooden palette.

If this is a real video and not some staged prank — this is the Internet after all — there are a few possible explanations for this.


Maaz Khan over at DIY Photography claims that packages shipped internationally through DHL are put on large wooden pallets so they’re not crushed by larger packages along the way (hence the high cost of international shipping).

An alternative explanation is actually cost savings. According to one commenter whose husband works in the freight industry:

Many companies have contracts with freight carriers, so whether they ship a full pallet or a single box on a pallet it’s all included. They do this instead of paying shipping for those less frequent small orders.


We prefer the far less likely ‘option three’ though: Nikon and DHL care THIS MUCH about your gear, and will go to extreme, even wasteful, lengths to protect it during shipping. A camera nerd can dream right?

If you have any insights into the reason for the overpacking, or if you can confirm the validity of this video, drop us a line in the comments down below.

(via Reddit)

  • Stefan Nilsson


  • Theo Lubbe

    I wish they wouldn’t do this. In some countries, you have to pay extra customs and handling duties for larger consignments, and something like this would make these fees MUCH higher for the recipient.

  • Þórir Jensson Ljósmyndari

    “If this is a real video and not some staged prank — this is the Internet after all — there are a few possible explanations for this.”
    This video is real and not a staged prank. I´m the guy in the shirt opening the box.
    I made the order for this charger along with other items from Nikon that where actually out of stock at the moment so I thought this charger might just come in a small box. But when the DHL came in our store with this palette we just had to make this video. :)

  • guido


  • Felipe_Paredes

    yes, and an enormous waste of resources.

  • triff

    DHL must not have a carbon footprint.

  • Taz S. Chham

    Base on the packaging, Nikon packed it in a box and DHL threw it on a pallet. I can see this type of precaution is taken with batteries and other explosive device but a charger? lol. Hopefully the buyer didn’t have to pay the shipping charges.

  • Ana Teresa Pereira

    Brace yourselves, environment-freak comments are coming.

  • Juan Bautista

    Packing supplies $60.00, Battery charger it self! Priceless!

  • Tagnal

    Great battery charger unboxing video!

  • amiright

    If you listen carefully, do you hear one of them say “F***ing ludicrous”?

  • Korios

    The wooden palette bit is surely a prank, the rest are plausible. There is no way anyone being sent a freaking palette for a single tiny item, unless logistics messed up the order.

  • Randy B

    DHL did not want to be blamed for impact damage!

  • Burnin Biomass

    I’d rather they do this than lose or break it.

  • Lufcik69

    ” I´m the guy in the shirt opening the box”

    This gay one ? Well, cool…

  • uni


  • Stewart Doyle

    It’s clear what’s happened. Nikon warehouse person didn’t have a sensible box handy, so they stuck it in the next largest size, taking care to ensure the charger was secure in the box.

    So far, so sensible, if SLIGHTLY wasteful.

    DHL have received the box from Nikon, and DHL warehouse guy has seen it was for International shipping, and checked his size guide for shipping boxes. He has realized that this particular box is JUST over the size for sending as-is, and has, by DHL rules, to be strapped in it’s own pallet. Which they has then done. Maybe they were new, and therefore followed the letter of the rules, while an old hand might have just shrugged and figured a couple square inches wouldn’t break the bank. Maybe they thought it would be funny. Who knows.

  • Þórir Jensson Ljósmyndari

    What a strange comment…….

  • Lanna

    That is so true in Brazil :(

  • Joakim

    This is no news to me. I work in a pro Nikon retailer and we get these all the time. I’ve seen simple lens hoods come packaged like this! Not by pallets, though.

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  • Mr Hogwallop

    I saw a website a few years ago that showed this kind of stuff, there were 2 page documents shipped in a box with bubble wrap on a pallet…IIRC HP was big fan of pallet shipping…