Uruguay Footballer Accused of Biting Rival Player Claims Photoshop is Involved


This has got to be one of the stranger Photoshop controversies we’ve ever run across. Usually, Photoshop in the mainstream news means that some model or celebrity has been poorly altered on a magazine cover, but this time around, it’s a football star going after Photoshop, saying it’s being used in a smear campaign against him.

Luis Suarez, a Uruguayan football star with a biting reputation (pun intended), allegedly bit rival Italian player Giorgio Chiellini in a World Cup match on Wednesday, leading to a media frenzy and a four-month ban from ‘any football-related activity’ handed down by the sport’s governing body FIFA.

But Suarez’ lawyer and Uruguay’s football association says the incident, which you can see in the Vine below, has been blown out of proportion and exacerbated by liberal Photoshopping:

The main picture of the incident, which you can see by clicking here, was taken as Chiellini pulled down his shirt immediately after the bite to show the teeth marks on his shoulder. But Uruguay’s football association — which, to be fair, has a decided interest in keeping the country’s most important player off the bench — claims the photo has been Photoshopped to make the bite mark look worse than it is.

The association told The Guardian they would use “all the arguments possible so that Luis gets out in the best possible way,” but Suarez reputation isn’t helping things. This is actually the third alleged biting incident he’s gotten himself wrapped up in, making the question of how severe the bite really is seem a bit erroneous.

Still, from a photojournalistic standpoint, if the image in question — which was taken by Maurizio Borsari and licensed through the Rex press agency — has been Photoshopped to make the bite marks stand out, that could be considered a serious breach of photojournalistic ethics… opening up a whole different can of worms.

(via The Verge)

  • Leonardo Abreu

    He should get banned for life

  • Vitor Pinho

    Dracula lives!! And he’s immune to sunlight! Zombie players are next!

  • Col Kenobi

    This is what happens when you pay certain people £200,000 a week just to kick a football around. They start to think it’s perfectly acceptable to do this sort of thing and then deny all knowledge of it despite clear evidence to the contrary.

  • Ed Rhodes

    Doesn’t matter how serious the bite is. He has done it multiple times, and will do it again. Ban him for life, he obviously has something wrong with him to make him want to bite people repeatedly.

  • Kris Moralee

    Vile little racist specimen of a man. FIFA banned him for 10 games the last time, why now only 9? FIFA need an overhaul from the top down.

  • Mark Brown

    My son has bit me a couple times…but he’s 1!

  • James Andrews

    9 International matches and a 4 month complete ban from football. He won’t play any football until late October.

  • 3412213421

    football player, like most pro sportmen and woman are unintelligent….

  • Theunis Stofberg

    if this was rugby with the evidence on display here he would have received at least a 6 month ban. Players have been banned for 18months for this type of thing. But then rugby players don’t earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a day and don’t earn the clubs even more. The money will talk here and FIFA is as crooked as a stick in water so we should be happy that he gets any type of ban at all.

  • Mike

    Doesn’t matter how severe was the bite. He bit him, that’s 100% bad enough.

  • OtterMatt

    Barry Bonds has no idea what you’re talking about. Also, his lawyer would like to speak to you privately.

  • OtterMatt

    That vine is clearly photoshopped, as well. I was at the match where the first incident allegedly took place myself, and I can attest that Otman Bakkal wasn’t even there; he was photoshopped into the video in place of the delicious marshmallow Peep that Suarez consumed at the time.

    – Head of Uruguayan Football Assoc.

  • oldtaku

    ‘Our feral racist manchild is being defamed here. He barely broke the skin!’

    He bit him. Severity hardly matters. Okay, tabloids may have enhanced the bite, but you don’t expect any better from the Mirror.

    Here’s what it probably looks like in the Daily Mail:

  • Matias Gonua

    Same happens when you pay $2 an hour, people seems to think they are perfect and get ready to throw the first stone. 21st century lynching. People are so beautiful.

  • Matias Gonua

    The premier league banned him last time. You think this is the reason FIFA needs an overhaul? Not the game fixing, not the corruption, not the money laundry…

  • Siani Warner

    Whether Photoshop was used or not, Suarez shouldn’t be biting people!!!!

  • kassim

    If the photoshop thing is trivial, why bother photoshopping it? Biting is for Fifa to punish, we are talking about journalism here.

  • Dan Tauro

    Well sure I bit him. But not that hard! This is a defense? Come On…

  • Matt King

    It’s like who gives a crap. You still shouldn’t freaking bite people. Moron.

    Of course he’s claiming it’s a smear campaign, but it’s his own friggen fault!!

    He’s just mad he’s out $100k. Maybe he’ll go vegan.

  • Col Kenobi

    Oh I’m not perfect – if I was in his position with that job and lifestyle, earning that amount of money, I probably wouldn’t give a monkeys about most things either.

    Though, I’d hope that I wouldn’t go around biting my competitors. :-)

  • Renato Murakami

    You say smear campaign, I’m saying giving the proper punishment for someone who behaves like this: jail, or sometime in a madhouse.
    Let’s just admit that for someone who had already done this not once, but twice, the punishment he is getting is nothing. He should be banned from the sport for life, at minimum. Keeping him out of some games is just asking for this to happen again. Guy obviously has some psychological issues to deal with.

  • Bewar3them00n

    There are a few who can string a sentence together.. Vincent Kompany Man City and Belgium captain, speaks 4 languages, has his own charity, and owns a football club in Belgium which he uses to give kids a chance in life.
    Saurez is a product of South American football, where players often have to deal with bribery, gangs, and threats of death, I’m not excusing his actions, he’s an idiot, just trying to understand his brand of no holds barred street football!

  • Brixton

    Then stop biting people asshole!

  • Matias Gonua

    Of course, you’re not in his position. But it’s easy to judge from a desk, which is what FIFA execs do.

  • Col Kenobi

    Along with everyone else who has ever watched any football match at home, in a pub/bar or in a stadium. Stuff happens on the pitch and we all form an opinion on it and judge the players/manager/ref. Surely thats a fact of the game? And if we’re being honest, all part of the fun.