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UK Prime Minister Mocked for Bad Photoshop Job of Remembrance Poppy



Remembrance Sunday is this week in the UK and the Commonwealth, and public figures are expected to wear remembrance poppies on their clothing to commemorate soldiers who have died in war. Prime Minister David Cameron is finding out the hard way this week that Photoshopping a poppy isn’t viewed in the same way as actually wearing one.

On Monday afternoon, the official Facebook page for Downing Street posted a photo of Cameron with a remembrance poppy on his suit. A sharp-eyed guy named Dylan Morris immediately questioned whether the photo was a bad Photoshop job, and a few minutes later, he answered his own question by finding the original shot:

People immediately began criticizing the prime minister for using Photoshop to fake a poppy. Strange and humorous Photoshop parodies began appearing under the title #poppygate.

Downing Street has since taken down the Photoshopped photo and replaced it with an actual picture of Cameron wearing a poppy:

A spokesperson for Cameron says the manipulated photo was the result of an “oversight.”