Photoshop Fail: News Outlet Tried to Make the Crowd Look More Pro-Madrid at ‘The Big House’


This weekend, two of soccer’s biggest teams brought their talents to ‘The Big House,’ in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to host what was the largest attendance record for a soccer game on US soil. It was Manchester United vs. Real Madrid and despite the efforts from both clubs, Manchester United came out on top, with a 3–1 victory.

But, despite a victory, an embarrassing photoshop fail from Spanish media outlet, Marca, has left Manchester United fans a bit upset. In an overhead photograph of the game, shared by Manchester United on Twitter, Marca decided it would attempt to diminish the crowd presence of Manchester United fans by desaturating the shirts of those in the stands of the Big House.

Bleacher Report was one of the first outlets to report on it, but it was Twitter users who pointed out the inconsistency, comparing the image as shared by Manchester United’s Twitter account and the photograph used on Marca’s website.

It’s by no means the first photoshop fail by a media outlet, but we’ll certainly give them points for their creativity. If only photoshopping the 3–1 on the scoreboard would ease the heartbreak for Real Madrid fans…if only.

(via Bleacher Report)