Hilarious and Tragic Photo Series of People Posed as if They’ve Just Fallen… Hard


Italian photographer Sandro Giordoan has taken to creating an ongoing series of tragic-but-humorous images that brilliantly depict people’s willingness to put the safety of their material objects ahead of their own.

Titled “_IN EXTREMIS (corpi senza pentimento)“, effectively translating to “IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret)” the series of images draws its inspiration from two painful real-life experiences.

The first was a small but consequential bicycle accident that Giordoan was in last year. By continuing to hold on to the object in his hand as his bike took the tumble, he lost 30% function in one of his hands.

Shortly following this incident, a friend of Giordoan’s experienced a similar accident. While trying to save his smartphone from plunging into a watery grave, his friend broke a leg. These incidents together sealed the deal for Giordoan and led to the series you see below.

“We live in a time where we risk material things becoming more important than our own lives, and this is really worrying,” he told the Instagram Blog.

And so, he turned to his photographic abilities and created the cringe-worthy series as a warning of sorts:

I immediately felt the urgency to capture the moment of impact. I wanted to talk about obsessions, neurosis and frailties of our times through my personal experience.

Below is a curated selection of photographs from the series for you to enjoy. You can head on over to Giordoan’s Instagram to keep up with his latest:

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Sandro Giordoan and used with permission

  • Monteraz

    It would be OK (gross, but OK) but for the blablabla artist statement in the box.

  • Jackobo

    Not only that, but after the fifth photo you have seen them all.

  • Island In The Sky

    Mostly women in these photos as the subjects. Just noticing.

  • OtterMatt

    Hey, have you ever tried to walk in heels? :P

  • OtterMatt

    I suppose more than a few are rehashes, but damned if I didn’t find that first one utterly hilarious. Mostly because I’m just trying to figure out what the heck she would have been doing to end up like that. That, and the idea that she just wiped out and not a single f*** was given by her dog that day.

  • Muneeb Afzal

    they are really hilarious.. me and my friend watching and laughing.

  • marchesa

    And they’re all women because why?

  • Spanner1960

    Because they all wear stupid bloody shoes.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Guy in meat case. I just think that women have more “accessories” to dress up a total crash..more interesting to see those bits. A guy would be what; him and his wallet and keys?

  • laura

    probably because its a guy photographer and lets be real here, guy photographers prefer to shoot woman.

  • marchesa

    There just seems to be a gender imbalance for the point the guy is making. But maybe this isn’t his whole collection. I don’t mind women looking sexualized if men are also. It’s just too often one way. I do like the photos.

  • Vin Weathermon

    I don’t see these as sexualized unless you are programmed to see these as victims perhaps.

  • Josh – Creep Machine

    Take the time to actually look at the photographers Instagram profile, and you will see plenty of men in these photos.

  • marchesa

    No more so than you’re programmed to overlook it. All but 1 photo shows a woman in a helpless position with her legs splayed open. Really? That’s not sexualized to you? Really? One, photo, two photos, ok. But each one? The other photo is of a guy, hardly recognizable as a guy, with his head stuck in some meat. I look at a lot of fashion photography. This idea that women can be more accessorized is nonsense.

  • Gvido Mūrnieks

    A photographer shoots people in helpless positions/scenarios. Yes – most of them are women.
    What’s your point?

  • Vin Weathermon

    Really? They all have clothes on. No nudity, no phallic symbols, no bondage, nothing but what appears to be “tripped up”. Are you SURE you aren’t imprinting here? Have you been victimized or very close to other women who have, and are you reacting based on that? So if there was an exact 50% ratio of male “tripped up” images, you’d be swell? Somehow I don’t think so. I am not attacking you, just saying that what these images evoke in you might be because you are closer to “women victims” than others who see them.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I actually find them all a bit disturbing or possibly creepy, but then I have never been a fan of slapstick comedy. I empathize too much with the victims…

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    Women be clumsy. Duh.

  • Pickle

    Stop being so negative! I agree with you of course but I’m told I’m negative on here because I don’t like bad HDR or gimmicks.

  • nikonian

    The photographer seems to have only a little gender “disparity” issue on his personal instragram with 41 Females and 35males which translates to 46% male and 54% female.

  • vonrock

    Repetitious, unlikely props an pose; less might be best. maybe it’s a selfie thing

  • Omar Salgado

    Only the outsiders like badly processed HDR, over-saturated pics or gimmicks.

  • keittmary12

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    Caroline just got a nine month old Chevrolet Express Van only from part time
    off a computer. see here

    •?((¯°·._.• •._.·°¯)


  • Trevor Dennis

    It actually reflects well on women, because it might be that the males asked to pose were too proud to be photographed in a negative light. Perhaps the females had a better sense of humour? You can follow the links to the Photograher’s Facebook page to air you opinion directly.

  • Don Tusk

    This reminds me of US economy

  • Don Tusk

    Bill Hicks — ‘It’s always funny until someone gets hurt.Then it’s just hilarious.’

  • jorge

    Really nobody noticed in all the photos they dont fail they pose as they fail

  • MisterTulip

    I thought I ended up on an Exposure Guide post by mistake. Slow day at PP.

  • Guest

    I LOVE it!!!!!

  • Pixie Dust

    Well I am glad that I have never fallen like this, well the same way every time at least. lol Every photo is face down, pretty much same pose. I have my history of falling, drunk falling, sober falling, slip falling, skid falling, plop falling, bounce before the fall, total face plant fall, flat on my back fall, the scorpion fall, the almost fall then laugh with relief and takes a step and, BAM on the ground. lol The possibilities are endless. They should of got advice from a falling expert. I think I reached my potential to give advice. lmao!

  • yung beety

    go and look at the actual instagram account or search online, theres a bunch more of men.

    are you that lazy

  • S2N

    Could’ve called it “Faceplant”. Love it.

  • Cathleen V. Cain

    Sexualization does not have to be blatant, it can be more subtle. Most of the women in dresses have it in a pushed up position. Most are dressed up. Legs splayed. The flower pot girl, you can see part way up her dress. The brides dress is totally sheer and you can see the her ass and thighs. The man is not made to look attractive, hot, sexy, or anything like that. I totally agree with Marchesa.

  • arachnophilia

    > All but 1 photo shows a woman in a helpless position with her legs splayed open.

    TIL people looking helpless while falling is patriarchy.

    women, when you trip and fall, remember to protect your modesty on the way down, lest you be objectified by the male gaze.

    > That’s not sexualized to you?

    i dunno. do you find helpless and vulnerable women sexually arousing?

    oh man, that babushka in the last picture, that’s hawt. i love me some old russian grandmothers.

  • Monteraz


  • RawAllison

    Does anyone notice these are all (except possibly 1) images of women? The author might be revealing a bit about himself by picking these particular images. Hmmm…