Kanye Publicly Slams Annie Leibovitz, Says He Had to Edit His Own Wedding Photos

While speaking on a panel at the Cannes Lions Creativity Conference on Tuesday, Kanye West decided to attack iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz publicly, criticizing her for flaking on the celebrity couple just one day ahead of the nuptials.

What’s more, the infamously loud-mouthed celebrity went on to rant about how he was forced to edit the now-famous most-liked photo on Instagram himself to make it “look like Annie Leibovitz.”

The news is being reported by all of the typical gossip publications you know best (and, of course, respect with journalistic fervor) but these are direct quotes so the fact that this appeared on Page Six of the NY Post and TMZ among others doesn’t change the fact that West is indeed insulting one of the greatest celebrity photographers of our time.

Apparently, it was Leibovitz who was originally scheduled to photograph the Kimye wedding, but she canceled only 24 hours in advance because, in West’s words, “I think that she was, like, scared of the idea of celebrity.”

He then went on to claim that the kiss photo seen at the top (currently the most-liked photo on Instagram) was post-processed by none other than the newlywed couple themselves while on their Honeymoon.

Let me tell you something about that kiss photo that my girl put up … this was pissing my girl off during the honeymoon, she was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much because Annie Leibovitz pulled out right before the wedding


Because Annie pulled out, I was like, ‘Okay, I still want my wedding photos to look like Annie Leibovitz,’ and we sat there and worked on that photo for, like, four days because the flowers were off-color.

We won’t deign to comment on whether or not the Wests’ photo editing skills indeed did make that Instagram photo look like it was taken by the great Annie Leibovitz, but there sure isn’t anything stopping you from doing it in the comments down below.

(via NY Post)

  • Mike

    A celebrity is someone who shouts “look at me” all the time, no?

  • Neroon

    No, I accept scientific truth over fan fiction and deranged right wing nuts. Pretty simple. The BS ‘they are both the same’ crap only serves to obscure the vast and profound differences between the parties. About the only place they are even close is on Wall Street. The difference is that at least the DEMS want regulation, while the GOP wants to screw everyone.

  • Mike

    Kim Jong-un is rather upset that someone can do maybe more than him.

  • Mike

    What would your clients say about you if you cancelled a destination wedding, with 24 hrs notice, and you were a proven dick with a hobbit?

  • Robsback

    You apparently can’t read very well so I’ll say it again…”You do realize there isn’t much of a difference in the number of Republicans and Democrats who believe in creationism over evolution, right? Keep believing what’s jammed down your throat by mainstream media.” I typed it slow because I know you read slow.

  • Kate

    Well you obviously know what you are talking about – having never done a wedding yourself

  • peaceetc

    I would think someone with Kim and Kanye’s kind of money and resources could find a competent photographer, even with a destination location on 24 hours notice. I had been wondering why the photos were so bad, though.

    Before you say it’s unprofessional for Leibovitz to cancel, I think we should wait to hear her side of the story.

  • Ralph Pichardo

    I love how when someone says or writes something along the lines of “I enjoy kanye west’s music” their entire being and taste in art, music, etc…is questioned. I’m going to assume this is typically done by someone who has little to no knowledge of rap music (“that’s just noise”).That said, Kanye has made several great albums they have been created on his terms and pushed pop & rap music in ways that many other artists wish they could. For those of you who question his “creativeity”, I’d love to see/hear what you have done. I could care less about Kanye the celebirty, but I respect his hustle and enjoy his music.

  • NickGHK

    And does celebrity bestow some kind of untouchable status on a person? Annie’s a celebrity herself, and like a lot of others, can be difficult. If I agreed to a job, and then realised that my client was going to be impossibly difficult to work with, I’d pull out, too. At least she’s never claimed she’s more popular than Jesus.

  • Polisonico

    An overrated rapper dissing an overrated photographer…

  • Peter “Pots”

    I cannot accept the words genius and Kanye in the same sentence…sorry.

  • S2N

    Economies of scale. You’re saying 81 mill is a small #? Weird.

  • S2N

    Yep, still unprofessional.

  • Genkakuzai

    He’s decent at producing music, I’ll give you that. But he should be banned for life from ever going anywhere near a microphone.

  • S2N

    Still, very unprofessional. FYI, John Lennon did the same thing and she shot him (and Yoko).

  • Woody ONeal

    Would it not have been funny for Taylor Swift to crash his wedding like he did her VMA acceptance?

  • Matt

    What was your first clue?

  • adam


  • NickGHK

    Er, wasn’t that Mark David Chapman?

  • Brandy O’Neill

    Umm.. well, their flowers look like cauliflower. So, there’s that.

  • Joe Ambrosino

    Um, actually, the latest poll I could find was a Pew poll from December. The numbers were 43% of Republicans and 67% of Democrats believed in evolution. That’s a fairly significant split. The percentage for Republicans actually went down since 2009. The truth has a liberal bias.

  • Kimberly LeSieur

    The guy is a complete douche bag. I mean come on, he cares that much about a photo, get a life, it’s just a photo. The guy is fake as F**K, superficial, materialistic, everything that’s wrong with this world. Please just die already.

  • Brian

    who is Kanye West?

  • Matt

    Now there is a video I would watch

  • liz

    Well the flowers look like moldy cauliflower so…. great job editing!

  • Matt

    I think what people are questioning is if that is what really happened. Both sides have some issues and good things about them…

  • Matt

    Wow, you took a bizare turn there… WTF?
    And we get it, you have a man crush on KW.

  • Stuart Yee

    I can’t stand the guy, but he has a following. Empirical evidence suggests he has talent relating to music, but we can definitely agree he has absolutely no skill anywhere else at all.

    Best case scenario if one claims him to be skilled at music is that he is an idiot savant at best.

    I’d personally prefer for no one to say anything at all about him so he can fade away into obscurity like the retarded cousin no one wants to talk about.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    Oh, that’s right. Because I totally said ‘Kanye has sold a lot of records and therefore is an excellent, high quality artist and should have his photography placed in the Smithsonian’.

    Wait. That didn’t happen. No one made any kind of judgement about the quality of his music at all. I simply answered the question ‘what is he famous for’, and you made up some retarded strawman argument because you clearly aren’t that bright but felt the need to drool on your keyboard anyways.

    Thanks for playing.

  • chip renner

    who cares?Not I !

  • Wade Marks

    Thank you for actually quoting facts. According to a National Science Foundation study in 2012 only 32% of Republicans accept evolution, and only 28% of conservative Republicans.

    That’s pretty sad. Of course there’s the issue of climate change, where Republicans deny science once again. Only 25% of Republicans view climate change as a major threat, putting them on par with Pakistan. 65% of Democrats consider it a major threat.

    Now 97% of scientists agree on the reality of climate change.

    The Republican party is literally out of touch with reality, and that’s a huge problem for the US and the world.

  • Wade Marks

    It’s wrong to assert that people who do not agree with you are not “normal.”

    in fact, that’s worse than what Kanye has said.

  • Wade Marks

    In reading the many comments against Kanye, the irony is that many of the comments are far worse than what Kanye said. Most of the offensive comments are of the type that cannot accept that others disagree with them, and have no idea of the impact that Kanye has had on pop culture and music.

    I’ll take Kanye anyday over those who are so closed minded that they basically dismiss him and dismiss those who don’t reflexively condemn him.

  • Wanda Rowland

    I could not even tell they were flowers.Thought they were standing next to a rocky wall of some sort.Definitely won’t be mistaken for the wonderful Annie L. Good job of still making fools of yourselves.

  • Dallas J. Logan

    who shot it?

  • Dover

    I said “I won’t” not “I haven’t”. I worked for a wedding photographer for years and did not only shooting stills, but video and have done several weddings myself. This is how I know I “won’t” do a wedding again. I apologize to all wedding photographers whose feelings I hurt but I stand by what I have said. Posed shots, cliche shots etc. are the opposite direction to creative photography IMO. Sorry. Please note that I have not implied that wedding photographers are bad photographers, because there are very many that are very good at what they do.

  • Steven Lopez

    It’s probably a good thing that Annie cancelled on this talentless fool.

  • Joe Ambrosino

    Yeah, I try to stay in the fact based world whenever possible. I don’t have an issue if you disagree with me, we can debate that. But, when people run out of ideas, or when their real motives, if known, would alienate the vast majority and they resort to making up stuff (death panels, voter fraud, I could go on), it’s just sad.

  • Tayler Doffner

    Kanye is on crack if he thinks those photos look like Annie’s. Granted, as a wedding photographer myself, it was very wrong if Annie to drop out if she didn’t provide a backup photographer. But it was wrong in Kanye to edit. You don’t touch another photographer’s photos! Wtf is wrong with him!!??

  • Scott Villalobos

    Any wedding photographer that pulls out 24hrs before the event better have a life and death excuss and they better come forward with it. That being said, not a fan of Kim at all, and all I know of Kanye is what he did to Taylor, so I have no respect for the guy. But not knowing why Annie pulled out says allot about her. Let your yes mean yes, I don’t care who you are. Unless your dying the excusses just aren’t flying. Personally I wonder what the photos would have looked like, not just the ones that would have been setup, as no doubt there would have been setups, but the ones where your running and gunning.

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    No we’re speaking out because he says stupid things most of the time :D

  • Cristy-Jane Byrom

    I almost choked on my lunch reading this and laughing!

  • flightofbooks

    It’s weird how petapixel spends so much time talking about professionalism, but then defends a photographer’s deeply unprofessional behavior because they don’t like her client or whatever.

  • BigEnso

    “Any wedding photographer that pulls out 24hrs before the event better have a life and death excuse and they better come forward with it. ”

    And really good liability insurance.

  • 2crudedudes

    I’d like to see some of that “empirical evidence”.

  • RoxanneElise

    Love this. I don’t find his music to show much talent. Well, hip-hop/rap isn’t my taste anyway. Kim isn’t talented; she just came from rich parents and was on a really idiotic reality show showcasing their entire dysfunctional family where none of them know how to cook or clean for themselves. There are too many celebrities who are only that way because they’ve made idiots of themselves.

    I’d rather be famous for something really good regarding my talents or something I’m advocating for.

  • RoxanneElise

    The Dems are screwing me more than the GOP has. More of my paycheck is being taken and given to people with pseudo-disabilities (too lazy to work). Because that’s fair. Oh, and they get a gov’t cell phone too! Yet I have to pay for everything I want.

  • RoxanneElise

    But who DID take the photos, and why weren’t they edited? Was it a friend with a DSLR?

    Also, why didn’t Annie show? This is missing some vital info. I don’t see anywhere where they sued her for breaking the contract, so there must have been a valid reason which also protected her from repercussions.

  • ihatedavidjay

    Younger than you – Bro!

  • Stuart Yee

    I would too. It’s presently in the form of the millions of dollars people freely give him for what they believe to be “music”