DIY: Create An Epoxy Resin Coffee Table to Creatively Show Off Your Photos in Style

If you’re looking for a neat, photography-related DIY project to do this weekend, Canon has you covered. Shared on the Canon USA YouTube channel, the above video shows you how to make a custom epoxy resin coffee table in which you can show off your photography.


Using a fairly simple table design, a few prints and epoxy, the end result is as much a functioning piece of furniture as it is a great conversation piece. The video comes in at just under two minutes, so give it a watch, take some notes, and head to your local hardware store once you get off work.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Andy Austin

    Pro tip.. don’t put a picture of you and your girlfriend in the coffee table. Then if you break up and bring other girls over it can really kill the vibe.

  • Dan Tauro

    Cool. Probably best to start small like a tray. Then move to the table next.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I once got a job retouching a photo with a girl on the hood of a classic car. He kept the car, but married a different girl…
    Yes I know, off topic, but I thought it was funny…

  • jetson_joe1

    eeeeww…some crafts should in the basement or trash bin….cute is …well…cute…I think I saw this idea at the local Goodwill or
    Salvation army thrift store…this is not worthy of Peta Pixel…more like pinterest …?

  • Geoff Thomas

    Why oh why must these DIY videos have music?!?

    It’s like going to a website that has music on auto-play…

    buh bye!

  • Steffen Graumann

    These kinds of DIY articles are the very reason why I chose PetaPixel over other photoblogs. This article is very inspiring to me with the work I do.

    If you don’t like the content on this blog, fell free to go visit an other blog instead of posting negative comments. Or just skip the articles that’s not of your interest instead of slamming articles you don’t like. Who made you boss of taste?

  • agour

    Wouldn’t it be better using a glass topped table in case you want to change photos? :p

  • jetson_joe1

    totally disagree…this not a crafty site…I am glad you chose this site…I like it too except for these types of articles. As this is a comment that is not negative…a personal opinion of something that is very much out of character with what Peta Pixel was…however it remains to be seen how much it will swing towards the banal. By the way Yes…i am the boss of taste, of good looks, of anything respectable and worthwhile in life. I did slam another individual…only content…so who is the worse here…hmmmmmm?

  • Theo Lubbe

    Oh look, someone had a similar idea to mine of putting autumn leaves into an epoxy table but used photo prints for it instead!

    Well, at least now I know it can be done and works well, seeing as I haven’t gotten ’round to mine yet.

  • meaghdalena

    It’s photo related….. And ideas about what to do with your awesome photos (whether you like them or not) are kind of nice to have sprinkled in the mix of articles, I think.

  • meaghdalena

    ^^^^^^^ Like this idea much better.

  • Theo Lubbe

    Why not go with a modular epoxy design or at least removable sheets and change those in the wooden frame instead?

  • Theo Lubbe

    I’ve seen plenty of craft-related articles on PetaPixel over the past two or so years I’ve followed the site’s articles. I haven’t, however, seen you being vocal with your displeasure of such articles until now.

  • Andy Austin

    Oh boy… the worst I’ve seen is guys who get their girlfriend’s name tattooed on their neck, then of course they break up.

  • Alan Klughammer

    there’s gotta be a moral in there somewhere…

  • suzane carter

    Wouldn’t this be better utilizing a glass capped desk just in case you desire to alter photographs?

  • Anastasia

    There is a mute button… :3

  • Geoff Thomas

    You click a DIY/how-to and expect someone talking through the process, explaining things
    yet instead you hear some odd music…

    I’ll have to see if any of my devices have this thing called a mute button though

  • jetson_joe1

    Interesting…photos with no heads…hmmm Well as I said…I wouldn’t show my face if I made this either. As another said…use a sheet of plexiglas or glass…that way you can remove later. By the way this epoxy stuff is a killer for the chemicals and off gassing it has going on…crafters beware…this project is ill thought out.

  • Tierney Israel

    It would be really nice to have some more info about the epoxy resin and how to actually apply it. Oh well, I’ll go find more videos with detailed instructions.

  • JD Walker

    He’s just a typical troll who gets his jollys from writing negative stuff like this. Notice how he is signed in as “Guest”? p.s Great idea for a table by the way :)

  • oscherler

    That’s because it’s not a real DIY article, it’s a Canon advertisement made by professionals who determined that this music is more likely to make you buy Canon products.