Adidas Will Soon Let You Print Instagram Pics on Your Sneakers


In news that will either make you smile, sigh or shake your head, Adidas has announced plans to one-up Nike’s PHOTOiD program by letting you print your Instagram photos directly on your shoes because… well… we’re not sure why.

The program was announced through an Instagram video (how else) in which Adidas shows off a Photo Print app that will let you turn your Instagram shots onto a custom pair of ZX Flux sneakers:

It’s just a teaser, and it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to do this until August, but blogs and news outlets are already speculating at just how horrific some of these shoes will end up looking.

If you’d like to join that conversation, drop a link to your ‘ideal’ Adidas sneaker Instagram pic and lets see if we can come up with the worst possible pair of ZX Flux ever created.

(via PopPhoto)

  • Jack B. Siegel

    You are two cynical. Why? Because it is fun. I’d rather look at Instagram photos on shoes than on an iPad.

  • Adam Cross

    as long as you can only use photos from your own account I guess I have no problem with it

  • Henry Wang

    instagram compresses each upload by a ton… printed on shoes wouldn’t it look really low-res?

  • Hasan Sayyah

    i can print my Team logo on my sneakers , cool

  • Djalma Reis

    I want my everyday lofi espresso on the left and my vintage breakfast on the right.

  • TheGloriousEnd

    thats…..actually an interesting idea.
    Would love to see a shoe company with a bit more varied style selection do something similar….

  • Graf Almassy

    Ultra low res, poor quality Instagram photos on my shoes? YES PLEASE!

    I love digital camo pattern!

  • Daniel Hine

    Now instead of showing potential clients some images from your portfolio, you can just kick it in their face! Yay