iStock Infographic Reveals the Top Trends in Stock Photography for Business


In stock photography more so than any other type of photography, the trends of photographs being taken and shared change from year to year. As marketing approaches and accompanying business values change, so does the stock photography market, so as to reflect the growing need for a specific ‘look’ or ‘type’ of photograph.

Here to show us what’s trending for 2014 is an interesting (and possibly useful) infographic released by Getty Images’ iStock.

Whether you’re just interested in the list, or you’re a stock photographer looking to better understand the needs of the market, the information is all here for you — from images that illustrate “Transparency and Openness” (think photos of business scenarios captured through glass) to *sigh* photos of Hipsters:


(via Photocritic)

  • Thomas E. Hebert

    The color, typography and layout graphics almost make me believe I’m seeing what’s trending for 1994..

  • Benjamin Tracy

    But you can tell it’s modern because of the format. Tall infographics are the future!

  • Gannon Burgett

    They say trends go in 20 year cycles, right?

  • Paul K Rivera

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