iStock Celebrating Small Business Week With “100% Royalty Day”


There’s no doubt that stock photography and the market’s methods of operation are much debated and often criticized. However, as part of it’s efforts to celebrate Small Business Week in the United States – and also likely in hopes to change some public opinion of such services – the Getty-owned iStock marketplace is dedicating an entire day to giving 100% of royalties to photographers.

Imaginatively named ‘100% Royalty Day’, May 14th, 2014 will officially give 100% of all sales on exclusive iStock content sold through cash and credit card file downloads to the artists who provided it. In addition, double royalties will be paid to artists who exclusively provide content sold through iStock’s newest subscription plan.

As is expected though, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows. The key word is “exclusive” and iStock makes sure to use the discriminating word to their financial advantage. In order to gain any extra benefits from ‘100% Royalty Day’, your images must have been/must be sold with – and only with – iStock.

Not to mention that this is only one day in the entire year, which means there’s nothing extra from someone ordering at 12:00am on May 15th.

In addition to the special day, iStock is also launching a new affiliate program that will pay members when they refer customers and generate sales on any of iStocks content.

(via PRNewswire via Photocritic)