Rumor: Sony RX100M3 Pictures, Specs & Pricing Leaked


Although initial reports from rumor sites indicated that the next iteration of Sony’s much-loved RX100 was supposed to land late last night, no camera arrived. What arrived instead was a whole slew of leaked specs/pricing info and high-quality product images for those of you who want to get a jump on the rumored camera’s official announcement.

Published by sonyalpharumors, it looks like the specs and pricing were leaked by someone at Sony Store Canada while the images were something the rumor site itself had up its sleeve.

According to the Sony Store Canada page (which has since been taken down) the Mark 3 will sport a wider and faster 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens, a 0.39-inch 1.44M-dot pop-up OLED electronic viewfinder, built-in ND filter, ISO up to 12,800 and a Bionz X processor. For a full list head over to SAR by clicking here.

As far as the product shots, well, those kind of speak for themselves:










According to SAR, the Canon Store Canada page revealed a price of $899 CAD (which they assume will be the same in USD), and if they have their announcement time info right, we should be hearing official word from Sony late tonight.

Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to get you official info just as soon as it’s available.

  • stelvio

    If this can remember the last zoom position before it goes on standby I’m sold

  • Yousif Sadik

    “According to SAR, the Canon Store Canada page revealed a price of $899 CAD”

    Interesting I didn’t know Canon sold Sony camera’s ;)

  • Mike

    I’m sold if the folding viewfinder doesn’t break after two uses.

  • Carsten Schlipf

    That view finder must be a joke. You have to pull it up and then extract the tube to the back?

    What’s the point of that? Even if retracted inside this does not save space as the housing and the (potentially erroneous) mechanic consumes at least as much space as a fixed viewfinder. I’d rather have a smaller main display at the back.

  • Thomas Schlorke

    and what exactly is your point?
    the viewfinder is the perfect addition to a stunning product.

  • fag_Minkyung

    uhh. that could be spring loaded or made for simple magnification as with their nex6 and 7. also, you’re a sour puss

  • bmassao

    People complained that the RX100 didn’t have an EVF. People complained that the RX100 II EVF was optional. Now, people are complaining that the EVF is retractable to not occupy space when you’re carrying it around.


  • Edward Tse

    The mechanism is genius. The problem with having a fixed viewfinder is you would have to add additional height due to the LCD. Now you get a compact body and a built in viewfinder. What is there to complain about lol

  • David Liang

    Because if it’s housed in the body the rear LCD would have to be significantly smaller to make the EVF visible, you can’t look at the EVF AND the rear LCD in overlapping positions. Likewise If the EVF is in the extracted position and isn’t flush to body the camera will lose it’s sleek design. It’s actually pretty obvious if you think about it.

  • Patrick Kawahara

    ill wait for the Hasselblad re-brand version…HA

  • Andre Vautour

    true. the viewfinder is a nice addition but i do not have a lot of faith in the quality of sony products at this point. i bought an rx100m2 back in Dec and it got dust in the sensor within 30 days. i ended up buying a second rx100m2 in Feb and it has dust it it now too. also I have only had it for a few months and the screen is all cracked and scratched and I am constantly irritated by the slow startup/shutdown and menu lag. yes the image quality is good but I do not enjoy using the camera and i do not feel like it is very durable.

  • Mike

    The mechanism looks flimsy as much as it is brilliant. I hope it works reliably, as I WILL buy one.

  • p.rock

    I wonder if it’s just the M2, but I’ve got an original RX100 and it’s built like a tank. I’ve dropped it from waist-high onto concrete multiple times and it’s still going strong.

  • Andre Vautour

    well mine has had a couple light drops and the body is okay except a few dents but the dust spots is the main thing that is frustrating. and whatever way the screen cover is designed it doesn’t seem to be very durable because it has multiple cracks it in already. i heard someone say that the rx100m2 models were rushed and there might be some loose paint or something on the inside that breaks off and gets onto the sensor but i have no idea if that is the case or not.

  • RoscoeJ

    Did you carry it around in your pocket with no case? That’ll do it. Despite these types being called pocketable, I think it’s generally not advisable to carry cameras around that way.

  • YS

    Oh snap will this be it? Sony has been close to breaking my boycott of it for the past few years. xD

  • Andre Vautour

    i know its not ideal but the only reason i have a compact camera is so i can carry it with me. if i was not going to put it in pockets then i would just get a mirrorless camera and keep it in my bag. i do carry it in my bag when i am riding my bike but sometimes i keep it in a jacket pocket. i try to keep the pockets that i store it in clean. i don’t usually put it in pants pockets.

  • Zos Xavius

    Pretty much all fixed lens cameras are prone to dust on the sensor. Especially ones with retractable lens barrels. None of those barrels are sealed and its only a matter of time before dust migrates into the sensor area. I’ve had a few point and shoots pick up dust and its one of the reasons that I’ll probably never buy a fixed lens camera again. Though I must admit the GR-D is an awful temptation….

  • Andre Vautour

    also i had a Ricoh GR and it is really nice the design and the menu layout is fantastic but the AF is not very fast. other than that i really love it but i decided to stick with the Sony because of the zoom mainly. the GR is much more enjoyable to use than the sony.

  • Mike

    Ah, yes, the rumored Hasselblad Bendovar

  • Guest

    I agree, no point in retracting when they could’ve just kept it there and allowed access since it is EVF.