Nikon Shows Off and Explains the Benefits of Its Fluorine Coating Technology

Most lenses nowadays come with a multipurpose chemical coating, meant to not only protect the lens a bit more from accidental scratches, but to also reduce reflections and aberrations and provide a clearer image. How the coating actually works might be a mystery to many of us though.


But fear not, because Nikon is here to shed some light on the matter with a new video that shows off how its fluorine coating — the one currently present on the company’s 800mm f/5.6 and just released 400mm f/2.8 — is of great benefit in many practical applications. The video comes in at only two minutes, so it’s a nice, quick and interesting watch.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Jonathan Coetzee

    How expensive is this process? Think how awesome it would be to have a fluorine coat on your car’s windscreen???

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    It’s a hydrophobic coating. Very revolutionary stuff.

    In all seriousness. Neat.

  • hangaard

    I’m still gonna use a UV filter as protection against scratches, so the coating should be on that in stead.

  • Korios

    (Super)hydrophobic coatings generally do not last long, being quite sensitive. Unless this a particularly hard coating they would have to re-apply it at least once per year.

  • slyman


  • slyman

    heh, right?

    seems to be lipophobic as well though.