Adobe Creative Cloud Is Down, Rendering Apps Unusable… Chat Support Useless


Man down! And by man down, we mean Adobe Creative Cloud. Starting late yesterday afternoon, a number of subscribers to Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform — myself included – started noticing that upon trying to use our applications or login to with our Adobe IDs, an error message would appear, deeming the applications and services useless.

In a creative world where deadlines are critical, a day without the resources you count on is no small issue. And, as you can see from a post over on SLR Lounge as well as the below conversation a PetaPixel reader sent our way (which has been cut down for brevity), customer service representatives don’t have much information to offer, essentially repeating the same thing over and over again:

Adobe Employee (AE): EC, We are facing a technical glitch with our tools and I request you to please contact us again after some time with this issue.
PetaPixel Reader (EC): AE, please tell me more about the glitch. I have been trying to use Photoshop for 3 days in a row and have to finish a deadline.
AE: EC, I have checked and found that you have been using trial and please purchase the subscription to continue using it further
EC: I have already bought a subscription one month ago
AE: EC, Please bear with us as we are having some technical issue with our tools and it is being worked upon and soon it will be fixed, please contact us again after some hours.
EC: First you did not know that I was already subscribed, now you repeat the tech glitch story. What is going on and when will I be able to use photoshop? I need a concrete answer.
AE: I am sorry for the delay this issue has caused and As I have mentioned that some of our tools are having some technical glitch.
AE: I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused to you.

There’s no word yet on what exactly the issue is here, but it’s safe to say that we’re at the mercy of Adobe and its servers. And if their customer service is a sign of things to come, it’s probably not going to be pretty.


What we can say with certainty is that, when many thousands of artists and creatives count on your platform and shell out a healthy penny each month to use it, there needs to be a failsafe in place to make sure apps are still usable even when errors like this occur.

Are you having issues with your Adobe Creative Cloud services and/or apps? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Brian Todd

    It’s clear you will never understand. This went from a nice friendly debate to beating my head against the wall. Take care.

  • smutek

    Yes, crystal clear, I’m completely lost in the forest here.

    Have a good one, put an ice pack or something on your head.


  • D. Brent Walton

    I was working with a very large client (over 240,000 employees), who dropped Adobe Creative Suite products and switched to Corel. I was surprised (somewhat) when they told me I would need to use Print Shop Pro X5 (at the time), but I can see where their switching is saving them millions.
    I’m sure there are others who will follow suit.
    A lot of people are saying Adobe’s motivation was getting away from the packed products and saving money. Although that may be partially true, the big reason should be obvious — they are catering to the mobile crowd. Just look at the resent LR update. There is money to be made off the iPad user who has very little storage on their tablet, works with small image files, and needs cloud storage. Adobe’s move is genius for the iPad and tablet users.
    For those of us who deal with huge (120MB and larger) image files, the cloud isn’t even an option. Internet bandwidth makes it too slow for storing stuff on the cloud. And, being tied to the Internet for authentication purposes was demonstrated quite well yesterday when Adobe’s authentication database crashed for 24+ hours.
    I applaud U.B. for their move not to upgrade to CC. I think if enough businesses and schools do this, Adobe will eventually get the message, or they will be toppled from their thrown by a company willing to listen to their user community.

  • Matt

    Not really. As an amature I still bought the licenses on an alternating 2 year schedule. And for about what PS, LR and DW cost I’m getting access to everything. So, overall not much different cost wise for me and I’m getting more…
    If you want to buy a version PS and nothing else, then keep it for 5+ years. Ya it costs more. But, you also get less.

  • Douglas James

    My trial subscription for the Lightroom cloud had just expired and was interested in purchasing a basic monthly package so I could use the Lightroom app on my iPad and sync back and forth. But when I started the purchase process I got the same error messages and that all of Adobe was down. I wondered if everything in the cloud was down and this confirms my worst fear. So I’m not going this route and will just keep the downloaded versions of CS6 and LR5. I can’t put my faith into something that will not be there when I need it.

  • Tony Pardi

    cc is working for me

  • Dov Rigger

    Microsoft did it to control the Box and to control your use of the box not to combat piracy in the least. The also did it to manage and control as well as benefit from the extra personal data acquisition on your media use so they could sell that data to third parties as well as target their own sales to you. Ya know like why Goolge mines your data in your email and search choices

  • Guest

    Sorry your making assumptions based on your local view an ignoring that other people may feel differently based on their income and business models.

    Lets look at the fact that every collection grouping they sold not only contains the software you want but the software you didn’t have any use for but you still have to pay the price for.

    Adobe under CC allows you to pick any set of software as you need it and essentially roll your own collection something the wouldn’t do under the older collection model.

    It would have been easy to give discounts based on how many softwares you purchased however they didn’t. The only sort of discount you could get was if you purchased a collection. Yes for less money than all those software’s combined but still way more than if you had been allowed to not buy certain software in that package

  • Dov

    Sorry your making assumptions based on your local view an ignoring that other people may feel differently based on their income and business models.

    Lets look at the fact that every collection grouping they sold not only contains the software you want but the software you didn’t have any use for but you still have to pay the price for.

    Adobe under CC allows you to pick any set of software as you need it and essentially roll your own collection something the wouldn’t do under the older collection model.

    It would have been easy to give discounts based on how many softwares you purchased however they didn’t. The only sort of discount you could get was if you purchased a collection. Yes for less money than all those software’s combined but still way more than if you had been allowed to not buy certain software in that package

  • Domenic J. Licata

    CC disempowers students and professionals by requiring that they continue to pay monthly fees for the duration of their careers for the right to open and edit their own work, and by dictating when and which updates will be installed, even during critical production cycles when the designer may have opted to delay an update. Adobe is attempting to control our decisions to operate our own tools in the ways we choose. This outage is only one small example of how relying on Machiavellian validation services places the designer at a disadvantage.

    Students can only qualify for the introductory student price if they pay for 12 months at a time. Two years ago Adobe was very welcoming to these potential lifelong customers by negotiating for extreme discounts over retail. Now even if they opt to subscribe for one year they will be paying as much as they would have for a perpetual license that they could use as long as they liked.

    We do more in Visual Studies than teach Adobe software. In fact, our focus is on developing art, design, and critical thinking skills that are independent of any particular brand of tool. Our students already employ a variety of free and open source tools, as well as other commercial products, to write code, edit audio and video, 3D modeling, and so on. The 80 computers that I refer to are deployed among a teaching lab, an open lab, two classrooms, and faculty offices. 25 is an accurate figure, representing how many copies of any one application would be launched at any one time.

    Which other applications do you know of that can open and edit native PSD and Illustrator and InDesign files? I am eager to learn about them. Adobe says that CC will preserve the ability to back save to CS6 for the next 4 years, but that requires students to purchase CS6 as well, and it no longer seems to be available. Again, they can’t just pay $30 for a month of access — it has to be for 12 months at a time.

    I see no advantages to the CC model. The basic feature set of PS, ILL and ID haven’t changed for years, and several competitors have already caught up to them.”Newest and Latest” is marketing hype that makes us believe our livelihood hinges on every new update. So many shops have traditionally remained happy by keeping one or more versions behind.

    Finally, unlike perhaps some technical schools, our goal at UB is not to train Adobe experts, but to provide an opportunity to gain skills that are not dependent on a given product. A strong portfolio, and the ability to demonstrate creative flexibility in many environments is more marketable, in our view, than having been exposed to a particular, much more narrow toolset.

  • MattB81

    Actually that’s only part of it. There are may parts, but mobile does not require CC, in fact the only way that argument would hold is if Adobe LR Mobile and Adobe CC ran off the cloud – they do not. The mobile argument has nothing to do with CC. It’s an interesting thought but when you really look at the logistics of it there is nothing there that makes any sense. LR Mobile is geared to mobile users, why not tap that market, but there is nothing specific to CC that says we did this whole thing so we can support mobile. So your obvious reason – not so true.

    Corel’s feature set is quite a ways behind Adobe (on my personal machine I do have both in no small part because with CC at work I can install it on my home machine too so it allowed me the funds to buy Corel), it is a lot cheaper and for some the feature set is more than enough. I feel a lot of people buy software because they think they need it vs looking at what they really need. I have to say I am amazed at how many companies depend on Adobe when there are other options but is this Adobe’s issue or the companies? I think if the company you mentioned can work with Corel and they are good with it then go for it. I see this like the guys who buy the high end cars to drive around daily, do you really need a $80k+ car of course not so save the money and buy what you need not what you want. They seem to have done that and as a business this is a smart move.

    The cloud is an option with larger files, you should consider a better internet connection, it costs more yes but it also has benefits the cloud comes with that your local drives do not. In reality I suggest both local and cloud backups.

    Being tied to a authentication database that has crashed once in 2 years for less than 24 hours is not as bad as you want to make it out to be. Oh no, you couldn’t authenticate the software if you were one of the rare people who happen to have this happen on day 30 (or 99 for annual accounts). It’s funny but in all of these comments and comments on other posts I have yet to see anyone saying I couldn’t open the program I’ve been using the past 20 days, however there are dozens of people saying they apps run fine for them. Yes it meant I could not do updates yesterday, so what.

    Something companies deal with that perhaps you never have is the possibility of internet outages, no one likes them but a smart company plans for them all the same. When I was freelance the plan was simple – off to Starbucks I went. Now it’s a little different, I keep a local copy of working projects so if I loose internet I can still work. How is this relevant? Simple, not being able to connect to authentication servers to run a program is much like not being able to get to your files in the cloud because you have no internet.

    The reason I think it’s bad for a school not to teach on it is that sure you develop their skills as a designer, but what do they tell the company they are interviewing with when asked – Do you know Photoshop? Like it or not this is an industry program that is widely used, if you do not know how to do use it you are less marketable as someone to hire. Honestly I prefer the days of being able to use whatever software worked for me to get the job done in class, sure I learned Adobe because it was used in school, but it was never the only program I used. Even today it’s common to mix different applications to get a final result. Example – Corel and even Fireworks (yes I know FW is Adobe) are much better at PNG compression than Photoshop. In fact even GIMP for some people is a good enough alternative to Photoshop. It’s a matter of what you are doing and your workflow.

    Its true someone may come along and kick Adobe off the top, for now though they are there and there is no real sign of this happening any time soon. Unfortunately there really is no one out there with a true feature to feature replacement for Photoshop in a single product. You can mix and match them of course though but then workflow suffers so we’re really back to the issue of what do you use it for.

  • ck_dexter_haven

    “Adobe has posted a workaround for users who are unable to access their accounts due to the outage. Creative Cloud applications can currently be used in trial mode….”

    I specifically asked the online/chat rep at Adobe if he/they could enable that so that i could meet my work deadlines, and was told NO….

    Not sure if it’s clear to everyone that this was NOT just a problem with people trying to “access accounts.” My apps simply would not launch, so i was unable to use any of the programs i paid for if they were not running prior to the “outage.” So, yesterday, when i had work to do for a client, i could not use InDesign…. And, there were significant consequences and losses.

    I’m going to find a way to not rely on Adobe’s subscription BS for the future. If i have to go back to an earlier version of those apps, so be it.

  • ck_dexter_haven

    That’s what i thought. No problems in 7-ish months. Until yesterday, when i missed deadlines because InDesign would not launch. When you lose a 40k/year client, 1 issue in 7 months seems rather significant.

  • Stephen Newport

    You don’t have any backup solutions in place when dealing with 40k clients? Do you keep backups of your data?

  • Chris Moen

    Pretty sure the point is that they needed to work on the files. You could have a whole other computer waiting in the wings just in case one breaks, fine, whatever. But how do you have a backup solution for a program that won’t allow you to work? You couldn’t even have a backup license because that one wouldn’t work either. And you couldn’t have a copy of an old CS because it couldn’t open the new files. What would you do then for a “backup solution”?

  • Stephen Newport

    I mean, a backup $2,000 MacBook seems fairly common sense for the inevitable software/data/hardware failure by any manufacturer. Yea, shame on adobe for the inconvenience, but you shouldn’t be losing clients over it.

  • ck_dexter_haven

    It doesn’t seem that you’re understanding the problem.

    Data is backed up. That’s irrelevant. I didn’t lose FILES. I lost the ability to USE my files. The app would not open. Illustrator and Photoshop were working fine, but only because they were ALREADY open and running. But any app that was not open before the outage would not open.

    And, yes, I have a ‘backup’ $2000 MacBook. But, that, too, was rendered a paperweight since its apps would not run either. Redundant hardware is also irrelevant in this matter.

  • Chris Moen

    Seems the only way some people would understand the actual problem is for them to experience it themselves and figure out that there is no fix for it. I didn’t think this situation was that hard to ‘get’ but alas!

  • olivier borgognon

    So happy to have stuck to CS6, no way i’m moving to CC… crazy to be honest. I also advise my students not to go to CC yet, 99% of the CC is in CS6, and does not deserve going for this “cloud” power forcing measure.

    Nothing from CC really makes the tool “essential” for employers, considering most are still on CS2-3-4 for printers, retouchers, photographers etc.