Clever Hack Gives Your DSLR Nine Times the Battery Life

When it comes to days where there are long periods of shooting — particularly video — it’s always nice to know you have enough battery power to make it through the day. And while Canon’s LP-E6 and LP-E8s are great, they tend to only last about an hour a piece when shooting HD video.

To make sure you have enough battery life to shoot a fair amount and then some, Chris Winter shares a neat little semi-hack he’s come up with to make an external battery capable of lasting up to 9 times as long as a standard Canon battery.


Using a 10,000mAh Anker battery, a DC coupler from Amazon/Ebay, a hot-shoe plate and some industrial strength velcro, Winter’s solution is a bit rough around the edges, but certainly gets the job done.

Check out the video at the top to see for yourself, and drop us a line in the comments if you have a better way or see a way you could improve on his approach.

(via Chris Winter via DIY Photography)

  • Hammad Iqbal

    Wow, a spectacular solution Chris. But how do I get it to work with a Nikon. I use a D800 that had a battery rated at 7V and the DC coupler is available from nikon only but there is a dirty side to it. The connector on the coupler that connects to an AC Power source or an external power is seemingly proprietary so an adaptor will be needed. If you have any info about a nikon solution, please do share. I’ll be very grateful. Thank you

  • Logan Luckey

    use a expander grip, use one regular battery, use one dummy, if ac is lost then it will continue on the standard battery until ac returns, i use that for filming timelapses of show’s where the camera is in a hard to access area where you can’t reach it until the end

  • itschriswinter

    Thanks Hammad :) It should work the same with a Nikon. As you said, it might have a proprietary dc cable, but generally you can find on ebay a nikon to 5.5mm-2.1mm cable. Thats the size you’ll need for this!
    Chris Winter :)

  • itschriswinter

    Lucky you!

  • itschriswinter

    True, but always good to help some people who might not know.
    Chris Winter

  • itschriswinter

    Powering the Camera via Usb can be a little tricky because it generally only has 5v.

    Look at the Anker Astro Pro3 if you’re after a huge battery (which can also charge your laptop). It will also charge your camera and iPad/iphone. A real beast.

    Hope that help!
    Chris Winter

  • CR

    Any suggestions for coupler type for Canon SL1?

  • Elliott Cowand

    OK Chris I’ll give it a try. Can you paste a link to an auction for a dummy battery with a step down regulator?

  • Thomas Bennett

    Power2000 ACK-E8 has the DR-E8, I bought both it and the LanParte shown in the Video – they are the same product and I tested them with a Volt Meter – both put out the same volts.

  • Guest

    Why buy a spare battery when you can awkwardly mount a 400 dollar smartphone to the top of your camera

  • Thomas Bennett

    Thanks man

  • Aaron ‘Lucid Dreama’ Jones

    They have now changed the Anker to the 2nd Gen its twice the size and weight and the other one that looks like the one in the video only has 5v USB outputs. :(