The Story Behind the Late Photojournalist Chris Hondros’ Most Poignant Image

Three years have gone by since the tragic passing of photojournalists Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington. The two photographers lost their lives on April 20th, 2011 during a firefight in Misrata, Libya.

In the video above, Getty’s Vice President/Director of Photography for News, Pancho Bernasconi, talks to TIME about what is arguably the most power photograph Hondros ever took: a photo of a young girl who had just witnessed the death of her parents in a shooting in the city of Tal Afar, Iraq.

Bernasconi runs through the entire story leading up to the capturing of the image, in addition to giving a brief synopsis of his personal and professional thoughts on Hondros as a photojournalist and a human being. Many of Bernasconi’s statements are worth pulling out and noting, but rather than compile a list of quotes, I’ll just allow the video to speak for itself. It is almost as hard-hitting as the image itself.

To find out more of the backstory behind the video and photograph, you can head on over to TIME Lightbox by following the link below.

Testament: Remembering Chris Hondros’ Iconic Photograph From Iraq [TIME Lightbox]

  • rz67

    Fxck. That image works on so many levels.

  • Brian Fulda

    RIP Chris. Thank you for giving us this story.

  • Pedro

    Fxck the image. What about the little girl?

  • Ambercita

    Do some research, Pedro. Nobody (including you) wouldn’t know about this girl and this tragedy if it weren’t for this image and Mr. Hondros’s hard work, sacrifices and talents. RIP.
    …and I won’t be voting for you president.

  • Pedro

    And in what way did it help the little girl? She had her 5 minutes of fame? I think she preferred her parents back and not seeing that horror. Kudos for MR. Hondros, he has a big talent and is now big because of that image. Time magazine hit the jackpot.