Fujifilm Releases Teleconverter for X100 & X100s, Plus a Bunch of X-T1 Accessories


Fujifilm is helping make X-Series camera users’ lives easier today by releasing the much-anticipated X100/X100s teleconverter lens and a whole slew of accessories meant for use with the popular X-T1.

First and foremost among the announcements is the TCL-X100, a 1.4x teleconverter that we first reported on during CP+. It’ll extend the focal length of your X100 or X100s to 33mm (50mm equivalent), and along with the WCL-X100 wide-angle converter, gives users of the fixed focal length shooter the ability to shoot at 28mm, 35mm or 50mm.


In addition to the expected teleconverter, Fuji also announced a set of accessories for the X-T1, including two new grips — the MHG-XT Small and Large — a neat grip strap that lets you hold the X-T1 securely with one hand, and an extended eyecup. You can see all of those below:






All of the accessories, including the teleconverter, have been slated for a May release with prices TBA. For more info on any of what you see here, head over to the Fujifilm press room or go ahead and preorder any of the available accessories at B&H by clicking on the product names above.

  • ron

    There’s a dovetail on the base of the grips. Is it Arca-Swiss compatible? That would be brilliant!

  • dannybuoy

    Yep, AS compatible. The current Fuji grips are already. Fuji are awesome right now

  • soulman83

    Having owned an x series fuji, they’re are the only comparable apsc camera to full frame. Great high Iso, great IQ,(probably due to the quality lens fuji has) and just the colours that the fuji sensor reproduces are second to none. In many ways I prefer my Fuji to my ff d700.

  • jerry

    This is interesting, if they could make a 2x as well it would be great for portraits and high speed sync. I may have to pick up a x100

  • Fernando Brito

    Does it lower image quality?

  • robin

    yes, but very little. hardly noticeable. most of the first party convertor are very high quality.

  • worker88


  • eric

    The more I look at these fuji’s the more I want one.

  • Brendan

    I own a 6D and a X100. I love both cameras but the difference in quality is day and night, particularly with high ISO.