Canon’s 7D Mark II Reportedly Delayed Due to Dual-Pixel Sensor Manufacturing Issues


Released back in September of 2009, the Canon 7D is long overdue for a much-anticipated refresh. The problem is, up until just recently various sources have published conflicting reports that seem to get us no closer to knowing what this camera will actually look like.

However, yesterday, Northlight Images reported some interesting news that seems to make sense and go along with some of the more plausible rumors about the impending camera.

The Northlight Images report claims that the Canon 7D Mark II will feature a higher end version of the dual pixel sensor Canon used in the 70D. A slightly less powerful version of the tech is also rumored to appear in the 700D (Rebel T5i) and 100D (Rebel SL1) replacements.

However, it seems some manufacturing issues with the dual pixel design of the 70D sensor has delayed production of the 7D Mark II and other successors, forcing Canon to push back release dates until late summer or possibly even early fall.


Beyond the new sensor technology in the camera, the below specs are just some of what has been rumored to make an appearance in the 7D successor, although there are a few conflicting reports:

  • 20MP APS-C Sensor
  • ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25600)
  • 1/8000 – 30s, Bulb, X=1/250
  • 150,000 shutter life
  • Silent shutter mode, similar to 5DMIII
  • 19-point phase autofocus
  • 8fps
  • 15 Raw / 126 JPEG Buffer
  • 3.0″ 1040k LCD, touch screen
  • Optional WiFi
  • Magnesium Alloy body
  • Battery capacity 850 shots
  • 148.2 x 110.7 x 73.5 mm
  • Weight 910g

Ultimately, much of this is up in the air still, with nothing considered confirmed until Canon decides to make an announcement itself, but the rumored specs seem to be fairly logical considering what Canon has put out in the past.

Here’s to hoping the 7D Mark II makes a nice impact upon release. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date when/if any official news comes down the pipeline.

(via The Phoblographer)

  • Henry Wang

    optional wifi meaning comes as a separate add-on like nikons?

  • Scott M.

    This allows Nikon to slack on the D300s replacement, the D9300

  • Gary Cruz

    Why bother releasing it if it doesn’t have 4k.

  • Doc Pixel

    Just guessing: Photokina, Cologne Sept. 16 – 21, 2014

  • Eric Lefebvre

    Because it’s a still camera first and a video camera second?

  • Mike

    Hey it does, but only 8FPS :)

  • Henrique

    Canon are lossing the game with such a delay. I have to buy a new camera this summer, because my 7D is 4 years old now, and I can’t wait anymore. I’d probably buy a Sony A7s with a metabones adapter.

  • Dover

    Except for the ruggedness, the specs are nearly identical to the 70D

  • Woody ONeal

    not certain why Canon would not put in the same focusing system as the 5D3 and 1DX?

    I mean, come on, the original 7D has 19….and it’s still a great camera BTW.

  • Rob

    ’15 Raw / 126 JPEG Buffer’ – year right. current 7d has 23+frame buffer. Those details are 100% made up. Optional wifi? unlikely , it will be built in.

  • BobDole

    the 7d is on the market for almost 5 years now and i think there have been rumors about a 7d mkII for 6 years ;) Those stats would like it has been already said loose out to the current 7d, so i call BS on this whole thing.

  • Gannon Burgett

    My guess is that it’d actually be cheaper for them to do that than to put new R&D money into developing a new autofocusing system. Not to mention they won’t have to spend capital on new machinery for a new system.

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    Because the 1DX, the 5Diii, the 6D and the 70D don’t exist?

    What exactly is this 7Dii supposed to do that you need but can’t find? Or is this just one of those I AM OUTRAGED I AM GOING TO TOTALLY BOYCOTT CANNON

  • Fernando Callo

    Because 1DX, 5D III and 6D are full frame, which means they’re too expensive. Now, 70D, for me I don’t like the design of the camera. Doesn’t feel so well on hands. But Sony is making great cameras, and so Fuji, so it’s a nice choice.

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    He is going to buy an A7s, but a 5Diii or a 6D is too expensive?

    I’d suggest he invests in some kind of calculator app :)

  • Jt

    It seems the 7D Mk.II will be a 7D, with the dual pixel AF sensor of the 70D. If that is the case, and there is no significant improvement of image quality and dynamic range, this 7D Mk.II is going to be a complete joke.

  • Gav

    If those are the specs then this “new” camera. Then it is already dead on arrival…Already outclassed by the competition…

  • Gav

    I sold my Canon gear when the A7 was announced. Haven’t looked back.. Sony sensors are now far superior to canon, particularly with latitude. Sony’s EVFs are awesome…Canon has become a dinosaur….DSLRs are dead.

  • Zzz

    Another expert opinion in DSLR markets.

  • Dimitris Poursanidis

    Again no internal intervalometer, no internal GPS (both are some few electronics), no more fps… Maybe to change company (?).

  • Courtney Navey

    Yeah you know a 1D Mark IV is just out of the question…way too slow and way too expensive…oh wait they’re under $3K used and last 3 times as long as the lesser 7D anyway…oh and that pesky 10 FPS that’ll never be enough to capture butterflies on roses right beside the other 65 year old photographer capturing the same butterflies on roses. Stupid Canon, why must they make us wait so long for upgrades while there are other incredible Canon cameras available, used, at great prices? The nerve of those Japanese engineers…the nerve.

  • NancyP

    I was expecting a release date of Sept. 1 or so, for Photokina. Specs: The details count – not just # of AF points, but algorithms used. 8 fps is ok, 10 would be better – with more buffer capacity. They need to squeeze a few more RAW frames into the buffer. The dual-pixel sensor needs to be reliable and to be capable of supporting various computational tricks to increase dynamic range (Magic Lantern style).

  • Reynardt Badenhorst

    Bahahaha, that made me laugh. Thanks buddy!

  • voxullus

    This surely is a mistake. The 7D will have wifi build in, just as every other EOS with a 7 in it ( and others ).

  • Michael Ma

    On top of all the improved photo features which are a given, video features would be nice. 4K seems to be the big one. But I’d be happy with 1080p with any or all of the following 10-bit, 4:2:2, ProRes, 24p 14-bit raw dng, Log mode, 120fps, no rolling shutter issues, no moire issues, noiseless ISO102,800 like the Sony A7S. 5-axis stabilization like the OMD….probably the last one is a stretch.

  • Ariff

    I think already too late, I just bought Sony 7s and using with my canon lenses, as I am fine taking photos through manual setting. I am user of Canon cameras since last 20 years, and never thought to move to change. Still this arrangement has allowed me continue using my investment in canon lenses. I am not any more waiting for mark 2.

  • PhotoDr

    Need built-in WiFi and GPS. I LOVE it in my 6D :)

  • PhotoDr

    OMG! Canon, get with the times!
    SDHC UH1 Dual Slots, or MUCH better, QUAD SLOTS.

    “Battery capacity 850 shots”
    Even with a grip and 2 Batteries, that’s WAY too low.
    Make it 10FPS, skip the touch screen, and increase the RAW buffer size.

  • Daniel Rich

    If it don’t have 4k video, it will be a disappointment. And the sells will be very low.

  • Daniel Rich

    But the 5d mark 3 is the king. And the 6d is nice. And we know the price will be around $2,500. Will be better to just go with the 5d mk3.

  • Andrew Freeman

    Pretty much what I was thinking….. as you’ve typed it, I won’t bother! Unless the new sensor is outstanding in terms of noise and DR, I certainly won’t upgrade. There is nothing in those specs that made me get excited.

  • Metasepia the second

    not interested at all

  • Nick Grant

    that is my plan as well.

  • Jasom Qtr

    I sure hope not. A built in wifi means a plasticy top.

  • voxullus

    Not necessarily. They could opt for an antenna in the trapdoor where the memory slot resides. The eyefi cards work pretty well in that position, so surely an antenna can be designed that works well with an integrated wifi module in that location.

  • Jasom Qtr

    But it’s Canon! they’re too lazy to make this happen. If they removed the low-pass filter I might believe what you said. But it well never ever happen.

  • voxullus

    We’ll see soon enough.

  • Jeffrey Fortuna

    I’ve been beating up my 7D since it first came out. I shoot studio photos and video for work, action outdoor sports for work and fun and also a good deal of underwater. For me the ruggedness is a major factor. In a new version I’d like wifi but could do without the GPS. I’d like to see 1080P at 60frames more than 4K but that might change in a few years when someone I know actually owns a 4K tv. Dual card slots would be nice for all those times I’ve forgot to replace a card after transferring. More dynamic range should be on all lists for new cameras, has anyone every requested less dynamic range?

  • Michael

    Canon’s problems are that they are stuck in the old way of doing things. They are too slow to push out a product, and they aren’t being competitive enough. They are more busy making decisions on whether to put in old DIGIC processors on the flagship cameras so that people don’t hack it and make it compete with their 1DC and CX00 cameras rather than trying to compete with what’s out in the market.

    After so many delays, no way it’s gonna compete with the in-body 4K of the GH4 or even get close to the dynamic range of the A7S. They were thinking only small incremental improvements to 70D’s video. Back to the drawing board again for Canon.

  • TerminatahX

    uh, I beleive Canon still makes other bodies. Leaving a 7D for the Sony “anything”…headscratcher.

  • TerminatahX

    If they add the same focusing system as the 5d3 and 1dx, they’ll lose sales from both in favor of the 7DII. The 7D is the best bang for the buck in the Canon line, so it’s big brother could be problem for Canon if it’s too strong of an upgrade.

  • TerminatahX

    usb3 makes no sense to put in a camera. There are tons of pc peripherals out today that are usb3 compatible but don’t come close to fully utilizing the port speed. I can’t see them putting sdhc dual slots in a crop body. and I would be shocked if the 7dII would have 10fps, that would be awesome!

  • TerminatahX

    Really? 4k is very immature right now, especially in the dslr video sector. Most video content today still employs the tried and true 1080p standard. Improving it’s quality and speed at 1080p is a much better upgrade option.

  • Samuel Buchanan

    anyone have any idea of the price?

  • YaimIndian Hindusthani

    1080P with 60 Fps is ok. So the price can be keep lower, Reqd GPS, quad core Processor, wifi, Usb 3.0, display as 70D, 51 points auto focus, ISO 50-12800, 1080P with 60 Fps is ok

  • YaimIndian Hindusthani

    Reqd GPS, quad core Processor, wifi, Usb 3.0, display as 70D, 51 points auto focus, ISO 50-12800, 1080P with 60 Fps is ok

  • Laslo Gyomrey

    I’m not a 7D expert but when I see the specs listed above I frankly don’t see a 5-year evolution. Just compare the 7D vs D300s in 2009 and you know what I’m talking about. 18MP vs 12MP, unlimited jpeg (fine) at 8fps, 960K LCD, 19 AF points…
    So 5 years I should compare the 7D Mkt 2 with Nikon’s D7100 and half as a staring point.
    If the specs above are correct I don’t see any reason to buy it, better get a new 7D for half the price….