HACKxTACK: A Magnetic Lens Cap Holder that Ensures You Never Lose Yours Again

If there’s one thing I lose more than anything else while shooting, it’s lens caps. I’ve never permanently lost one (knock on wood), but I’ve certainly misplaced them for days at a time. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s guilty of this.

Here to help us through our absentmindedness is a new Kickstarter for a product called HACKxTACK.

What is HACKxTACK? It’s a magnetic lens holder that uses a unique clip-on attachment and an attachment you place on your lens cap. Using those two things, it allows you to quickly snap your lens cap onto wherever you place the clip so you’re not fumbling around trying to put it into your pocket or bag.


Below are some of the product details, as laid out on its Kickstarter campaign page:

On the outside, HACKxTACK is a combination of ethically sourced wood and stainless steel, each part CNC precision machined and hand finished. But on the inside is where it gets really interesting. Three powerful, but device-friendly magnets are implanted right inside the clip. So when you add a HACKxTACK tab to your lens cap, there’s no fussing with bags, straps or pockets: you simply pull it off your camera and snap it onto HACKxTACK.


Hoping to complete the remaining $20,000 CAD of their $25,000 CAD goal, the HACKxTACK team is looking to start their first production run in May so that they can ship out the first batch to funders in mid-July.

A unique and useful product, you can pick one of these up for yourself for $24, with increasing pledges increasing the number of HACKxTACKs you receive. Head on over to the Kickstarter page to find out more or if you’d like to help crowd fund this into a reality.

(via Kickstarter)

  • Andy Austin

    Ehh, I know it says device friendly magnets and all.. but I still don’t feel comfortable enough with having magnets around very expensive electronics. I think I’ll stick to my trusty pocket.

  • Andy Austin

    Also I’d probably be more likely to lose that little clip than I would be to lose my lens cap.

  • asdf

    Not rocket science, but still a good idea.

  • Bear Silvershade

    I kind of think it’s a pretty bad idea. Like Andy said, magnets next to electronics, not a good plan and besides I would just bump the cap right off that magnet and lose it. Then you could make that for far less than the $24 investment they want.

    pockets work really well.

  • wesley

    Magnets are pretty safe around most electronic devices now a days. I mean.. generally speaking you wont have crazy strong neodymium magnets on the lens cap..

  • John

    Pockets work well enough for me too. Plus, I sometimes take my portable hard drive in my gear bag, especially if I’m traveling, and yeah, magnets don’t play nice with that. Now if they make a velcro version, I might be sold. But then again, I can just make my own velcro version with ease.

  • John

    From their Kickstarter page:

    “• embedded with 3 powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnets”

    Yeah, they can count me out.

  • Rob Elliott

    do people really have this big an issue with lens caps? I misplaced one once but that was while I was packing and had set it on a table and didn’t realize I had done so.

    I normally turn on the camera take off the cap and start off. who is constantly putting on and off the cap?

  • ms

    Or a hood, or a filter.

  • Robert W Kushner

    Much cheaper and no magnets

  • Azety

    Some people have way too much time and money to waste .. cap is in my pocket or my bag and i never lost it

  • Joakim Bidebo

    For $24 you get around 24 spare caps tho. :)

  • Graham

    Creator here.. Thanks for your feedback. A few people have expressed this concern. The tab sits securely inside a cavity on the clip. We tried a lot of different designs to ensure the cap would always stay in place.

  • bob cooley

    First thing I do when I get a new lens is put a good UV filter on it, and toss the lens cap…

  • Graham

    The concept was actually inspired by this. We love the fact that this is convenient plus universal with all caps but found the string to be intrusive when holding the camera from landscape to portrait. The HACKxTACK is an updated and stylized version of this product. Thanks Robert.

  • Graham

    Hi Joakim – HxT creator here. No doubt that lens caps can be cheap but the product offers the ease of camera operation, especially for ppl without pockets easily available. Since you decide where to clip the HxT, there’s a less likely chance you’ll fumble around with the silly cap – meaning a less likely chance of missing an important shot.

  • Jigsaw

    Never lost a lens cap… when I take them off, I put them in the pocket of my pants. When I’m done I take them out of the pocket and put them back on. If you can’t manage that without silly gadgets, assisted living might not be too far off for you. :D

    I guarantee you that you are more prone to losing lens caps with that magnet thingy. One false brush with your arm and they fall off…

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Because clips, super glue, and a few Lego pieces aren’t good enough?

  • some dude from Yurop

    Kickstarter needs to offer other payments options besides credit cards…
    I many parts of the world, those things are far less common and/or useful than in North America.

  • Jan

    Well, as long as I can only back you with a credit card (which I don’t have, they’re not that common in Europe) I’ll have to keep buying caps..

    Couldn’t you offer a Paypal option like other projects do?

  • kb

    1> Pocket 2. waste of Neodymium

  • yopyop

    Pretty neat. My problem with my pockets is that my lens caps collect a lot of dust in them. The price may just be a little steep for me…

  • Realism

    This is almost as smart as marketing Bottled water, convincing people to pay about 1000% more than tap water for pretty much the same thing.

    …and people buy bottled water, so good luck to Mr. Magnet Lens Cap Holder!

    I would also prefer:
    – buying more lens caps and having them in my camera bag just in case;
    – using the super glue + LEGO trick;
    – using a non-coloured UV filter, and forgetting I need a lens cap

  • EJC

    What’s wrong with a simple lens cap holder? It’s almost like a pencil vs a pen.
    Yes, the magnet have a better hold but now I have to worry about a magnet on my lens caps falling off.

  • docholliday666

    Really? People actually use lens caps for more than shipping a lens? Hmmm. What a waste of time…I just throw them into a drawer for trading the lens at a later time. I’ve never had the displeasure of having to remove a cap before a shoot.

  • Jigsaw

    Yeah, I use them because the lens caps stop dust and lint from settling on the lens. It doesn’t matter how clean the camera bag is, there is always dust. And dust settles on UV filters just as well, which I don’t use, because any additional piece of glass between the subject and the sensor reduces image quality.

  • Jake

    Magnets, b!tch!!

  • Venser

    I normally skip step one and just toss the lens cap.
    Most lenses I buy come with a lens hood and that’s more than enough.

  • Robert Mark

    Step one: Remove the lens cap when you take the camera from your bag, and leave it in your bag for the entire time you’re using the camera.
    Step two: Put the lens cap back on the lens when you are finished using the camera.
    Problem solved.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I am a bit amazed at the number of people who don’t use a lens cap. When I have a lens mounted on the camera and I am out taking photos I don’t keep the lens cap on, but when the lens goes back in my bag, or I put the camera away, I always cap the lens to protect the front element (no I don’t usually use “UV” filters unless I am in a harsh environment)

  • Dave Meall

    dick butt? really?…

  • EJC

    Twice in it’s lifetime I knocked the front of my lens very hard against the corner of a brick wall and table.
    Good thing I always put the cap one.

  • Mario
  • docholliday666

    The additional glass thing is a myth, unless you use TIffen filters. Hmm, and I’ve never had dust bother me.

  • docholliday666

    Yeah, I’ll stick to no cap…