DigitalRev Pits the Canon 1D X Against the Nikon D4s in Paparazzi Style Shootout

The Canon 1D X is a couple of years old by now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own with the big boys of today. And so DigitalRev decided to put the camera up against Nikon’s new D4s in a paparazzi-style shootout that you’ll either find funny or annoying, depending on how you feel about DigitalRev humor in general. (Note: There are a few curse words and some innuendos in the video. Might be better to save this one for after work.)

All of the jokes about which one is the better “package” and what the “x” stands for in 1D X aside, there are some useful comparisons made in between Kai making up interesting backstories for the fake celebrity he’s photographing. Both cameras are put through their paces in silent mode, in a low-light situation and while both the photographer and subject are moving.

We won’t give the results away, but it’s safe to say each camera has its own forte. The results might not surprise you, and people deciding between these two cameras probably don’t rely on DigitalRev to help them make a decision anyway, but if you’d like to see how Canon and Nikon’s top dogs stack up side-by-side, check out the video for yourself at the top.

(via ISO 1200)

  • alealeale ale

    TYPO: 1dx not d1 x

  • DLCade

    We beg to differ : ) It’s the EOS-1D X not the 1DX

  • alealeale ale

    Well, you know what I meant. ;)

  • DLCade

    Yes, we did :) It’s been fixed.

  • RuPhotographer

    what was that?

  • David

    A waste of 7 minutes of your life that you ain’t ever gonna get back, that’s what it is… ;-)

  • RussianPhotographer

    lol true

  • DougGordon

    DigitalRev used to be funny, not anymore.

  • Ali

    DigitalRev were never funny and they still make their videos with terrible iMovie background music.

  • Oj0

    If you don’t enjoy them, why even open this article (or any other about them)? I for one enjoy their way of doing things, it’s a lot less boring than a bunch of numbers and it’s because of the fun twist they add that I bought a DSLR after leaving photography altogether when film became too expensive for me about five years ago (South Africa – buying, developing and printing a 36 exposure roll costs about $30)…

  • Korios

    Mostly annoying..