Fun Photoshop Tutorial Shows You the Ins and Outs of Photoshop… Version 1.0

Yes, we know it’s the day after April Fools’, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this little gem. We’re all fans of tutorials, right? Well, today we have for you a tutorial that will dramatically improve your capabilities in Photoshop. Photoshop 1.0, that is.

Created as an April Fools’ joke by education resource Lynda, you will be taken through the process of adding contrast, sharpening and colorizing a whopping 2-megapixel pixar file… which you probably can’t even open because it’ll crash your machine.

But be careful as you follow along! With only one “undo” function available, you’d better choose your next move carefully as you progress through the tutorial, or you’ll have to reset to default every time.

Coming in at just under six minutes, it’s well worth the watch for those of you lucky enough to have upgraded to 1.0.7. Also, we apologize to any Windows users out there, as you’re unable to run Photoshop on your personal computer, yet.

(via Lynda via ISO 1200)

  • MK

    Best photoshop tutorial I had seen!:)

  • Eric Crawford

    Real men learned Photoshop 1.0.7 on monochrome-only Macs with tiny windows, thank you very much. I was just imagining the colors for the first 2-3 years!

  • dan

    Deke is awesome. That was the funniest, most sarcastic tutorial I can remember seeing.

  • pgb0517

    I needed that break! Now to get back to editing my ClarisWorks document before Mosaic crashes.

  • arachnophilia

    i have a somewhat working original macintosh plus.

    i should get photoshop 1.0 for it…

  • Ares

    This is awesome! And for what it’s worth, Lynda is an amazing site and well worth the subscription for things like photography (and in my case web development too)

  • Erwin Mulyadi

    Not enough memory/space to save the file, what a pity..

  • Fallon Borden


  • Walter Parada

    LOVE the sarcasm! Even more sad: I remember this version of Photoshop. Definitely prefer what Adobe puts out today!!

  • Conner Werty

    Its basically gimp!