Canon Australia Knocks it Out of the Park With Stunning #WhatDoYouSee Promo

Nothing like starting hump day off with some visual inspiration, and this promo video, released by Canon Australia earlier this week, certainly fits the bill.

Put together as part of the company’s #whatdoyousee campaign, the video is made up entirely of reflections in people’s eyes that answer the campaign question, “What do you see?”

“There are over 7 billion of us on our planet,” says the narrator. “All looking at the world in our own way. But no one sees it like you.” It’s a nice departure from your typical camera company promo, because there is no gear or even mention of photography itself — just a focus on that most fundamental of photographic skills: sight.

Check out the video at the top and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

(via The Digital Picture)

  • Heath Collins

    Why are my eyes leaking?

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Beautiful and straightforward.

    Canon isn’t exactly the most innovative brand when it comes to technical specs, but I do love their marketing branch for making stuff like this. Contrast this with Nikon’s “Pure Photography” or Sony’s “Amateur photographers look like idiots”

  • Ross

    OK, I believe that was shot directly and not manipulated, but were the images all live, or were some of those people watching video screens? The odds of a meteor coming by just as you were filming seem low, and that close up of the surfer felt like a film cut, not real life.

  • Mike

    I see noisy, old, APSC sensors, Canon.

  • Rodrigo Abello

    Awesome video. I shoot Nikon, but this add/video is amazing.

  • David Liang

    I gotta admit that was really cool.

  • Ayrton Camargo

    I did not like it !!!!

  • Jose Pablo Chavez Vega

    you see sensors… we see photography.

  • SJ Fotography

    it has got the feel, make you visualize what you see every day, the amazing value of sight, and amazing technology of capturing the sight and recreating it :) even though i shoot nikon, loved the ad.