Rumor: Sony Has a ‘Completely Different’ Medium Format Camera in the Works


One of the stranger/more exciting rumors we’ve run across in 2014 just surfaced over at sonyalpharumors. According to the website, two separate sources have received information about a Sony medium format camera to be announced in 5-6 months — a camera that will be ‘completely different’ from the other CMOS medium format shooters revealed in recent months.

It’s anybody’s guess what ‘completely different’ means, but the tipsters explained that, while the camera would use the same Sony sensor found in the new Hasselblad H5D-50C, it would NOT compete with it or any of the other CMOS medium format cameras.


Does that mean we’ll be seeing an RX style fixed lens MF camera? Maybe something more portable with a new lens mount? Your guess is as good as ours, but SAR did get one other very exciting bit of information: this camera will be cheaper than all the other CMOS MF cams that it is supposedly not competing with.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • KLu123

    exactly what sony needs…. another mount without lenses…..

  • JoeNoName

    RX is Fixed Lens, no mount

  • Andy

    Sony really needs to stop announcing products and focus on supporting the lines it has already brought to market.

  • Barr

    What about new Canon 5D?

  • Saffy Mirza

    Hope this is true, Sony are out innovating everyone else, this could be another game changer if it comes about. Price point important. Saving my pennies now!

  • 344234

    nobody knows if it will be an RX…..

  • 12412341234


  • Merlin

    nobody knows it it will come AT ALL

  • Merlin

    Sony didn’t announce anything, it’s a bloody rumor!

  • ddwer4342342

    shut up moron.. we know that.

  • Douglas Park

    Yes yes yes yes to RX MF

  • markz


    6×9 or GTFO


  • Stephen

    The real question is what’s happening to the term “medium format.” Because in reality it’s every bit as much a marketing term as “full frame.” Today, the term “medium format” (in digital) means a high-resolution camera that costs five figures and is therefore not affordable to most photographers.

    If that definition is changing, that’s news. It means that manufacturers will have moved goalposts from full frame to medium format, in terms of what they sell to professionals and serious hobbyists. And that’s quite the magic trick, because the term “medium format” is laden with collective-memory expectations, and what photographers expect to pay for bodies is a massive, complex calculus that manufacturers can’t change by fiat. So the term would seem to have only so much wiggle room.

  • yamaha83

    “medium format” and “full frame” are not marketing terms. its the description of the sensor size. what definition do you think is changing?

  • Stephen

    Those two things—being marketing terms, and what they’re used to describe—are different. One doesn’t contradict the other.

  • yamaha83

    that makes no sense to me? FF is describing a certain size of sensor, MF is describing another size sensor. its not a “marketing term” its just a description of a product feature.

  • Steven

    Tell that to the person who said it was an announcement. What an asinine comment.

  • dcsa

    mm is either 645, 6×6 or 6×9. i don’t see any mf digital camera for now. Make the sensors bigger. It’s TIME!

  • cz

    so span is comming or swc? Good deal blad, you’re selling out your legacy to sony. So sad!

  • Zos Xavius

    A MF in A7 clothing would be very interesting to a lot of people. You could adapt all your lenses pretty easily. The limitations would mean less to a lot of the MF crowd.

  • Matt

    I am with you… 6×9 is where it is at, but I’d love a way to get a digital back on my Fuji 690… Dreaming…

  • Matt

    MF? But, yes please, make 6×9 sensor!

  • Matt

    I agree with yamaha83, FF has not changed. MF on the other hand is not the same size as MF in Film wich is too bad. But, still always larger than FF.

  • jon

    you’re forgetting 6×7, which is just as popular as 6×6 and 645.

  • jon

    If the new line of MF lenses have leaf shutters, then I am so in.

  • Hummus Rolls

    That only means one thing!! Nikon will use that sensor for their high ISO 50+ megapixel MX camera!!!!!!! Now we’re talking!!

  • Joven

    I think his point is that it’s not mutually exclusive. Like how there used to be a difference between HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p). But now HD is an umbrella for anything 720p or higher, which includes 1080p (Full), 4K (Ultra) and 8K (Ultra-High).

    How many people referred to 35mm as “full frame” before digital came around? No one says 35mm when referring to a camera like the 5D or D800, they say full frame, which can be considered a marketing term. Hell, even today I hear photographers refer to it as “35mm film” instead of calling it “full frame film.”

    However, it seems like companies are labeling MF on anything bigger than 36x24mm and over 36MP, no matter what its dimensions are (Leica).

  • gsad

    true, true. i prefer the 6×6 of hasellblad instead of the 6×7 of mamiya, so i tend to forget that one. I wish we could se some ff mf sensors in the near future… maybe a ff LF would seem more possible than. MF and LF it’s not only about the detail… is depth of field etc.

  • dsa

    to give them a tidy bit of credit. MF was anything bigger than 35mm and smaller than 4x5inch

  • Ronald

    I’ll take one.

  • lama

    ahha sadly it is true

  • Jeff

    Lenses could not adapt unless you want the camera to crop back to full frame, in which case why bother with medium format. Full frame lenses have a smaller image circle and therefor wouldn’t project completely onto a mf image sensor.

  • Albin Roussel

    make it manual everything please, no JPEG, NO AF, just shutter, ISO, aperture etc. just the basics. the A7 is mighty affordable (ish) if you know where to shop (hint: panamoz) and I’m looking at it with envy. I’m glad to see sony having fun with experiments. I just hope they make THE photographer’s camera without all the bells and whistles. make a proprietary mount with adaptors like the nex range and they have something. it won’t be niche, it will be THE type of camera photographers want to go back to. make it solid, very solid.

  • Willi Kampmann

    Isn’t the answer obvious? This being Sony, the camera will not directly compete with MF DSLRs because it will either have a translucent mirror or, more likely, not have a mirror at all. This camera could be considerably smaller than MF DSLRs and would certainly remedy the mirror vibrations that I’ve read are quite extreme at this size.

  • Borja Batalla


  • IamGoogoo

    That would certainly be an interesting development

  • Zos Xavius

    I don’t think you understand what I said. I was talking about a mirrorless MF camera with the same design as the A7 that you could adapt any MF lens to due to the short flange distance. Why on earth would anyone want to use a 35mm lens on a MF system? A large number of MF shooters would be perfectly happy with old school stop down metering when paired with a good live view implementation. BTW, the crop factor is only 1.3x I believe to 35mm from the current sensor size Hasselblad is using. So a crop mode wouldn’t be all that bad of and idea. Then you could use any lens practically. Of course you could always crop in post, but I digress.

  • Paal

    what about it?

  • Paal

    6×6 all the way… love my yashica mat

  • Fernando Callo

    Dude MkIII was just released last year…

  • Fernando Callo

    It’s a nice format but I prefer 6×4.5 or 6×7 is not squared but neither a long rectangle

  • James

    Keep in mind, that the image circle of a full frame lens is considerably larger than the full frame sensor size. you might have to crop, but it wouldn’t be that bad.

  • Ken Elliott

    If you take the parts and firmware from a Sony A7R, but use the MF sensor, along with a short flange distance, you’d have an amazing medium format camera. The firmware would provide focus peaking, and the short flange distance means you could easily adapt any MF lens to the system, or even FX lenses (cropped). This could be a huge game changer. Sony (and Pentax, somewhat) has the advantage of mass production for all the components other than the sensor, and the sensor development cost is spread across all the MF camera OEMs. Hassy and Phase One are almost 100% small quantity parts. There is a huge development cost that can’t be spread across a lot of units.

  • Crackdlens

    I hope! This happens and I will be able to dump a load of gear. I just hope they don’t get obsessed with the 4k video thing…. I would like a dedicated MF camera with high ISO capabilities, the ability the throw adapters and all kinds of MF lenses on, and decent wifi ‘tethering’. Simplicity is the key.

  • Jeremiah True

    I would push to have a 6×9 sensor because that would allow for in-camera selection of frame sizes up to 6×9 but also 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7…