Introducing the Oppo Find 7: The World’s First Smartphone That Takes 50MP Photos


Rumors have been swirling around about this one for a while, and it looks like they were both right and wrong. Announced yesterday, Oppo has officially taken the megapixel crown away from Nokia with its new Find 7… sort of… because this smartphone takes 50MP photos but does it with a 13MP sensor.

Huh? Yes, you read that right. The 50MP statistic is actually an image processing trick. When the phone is set to super zoom mode, it snaps 10 consecutive photos extremely fast, then picks the best four and combines them into a 50MP final image.

According to Engadget, the final shots come in at about 10MB a piece, and offer some surprisingly high-quality zoom capability.



The sensor that Oppo is using is the 1/3.06-inch Sony IMX214, and the phone also boasts a bright f/2.0 aperture to help with low-light photography. Other features include the ability to shoot RAW stills and capture 4K 30fps video, slow-motion capability at up to 100fps, long exposure mode that allows for up to 32-second exposures and HDR-capable GIF creation.

Sadly, we probably won’t be seeing this phone stateside, but the technology will very likely find its way into some of the major cell phone carriers in North America before long.

(via Engadget)

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  • Toby

    Anyone know what the largest sensor phone on the market is? I’m guessing the nokia.

  • Merlin

    Nokia 808 pureview, the 1020′s sensor is smaller but still big for a phone

  • C Jacobs

    Your headline is incorrect. It doesn’t take 50MP photos. It combines multiple shots to give an “effective” resolution of 50MP. You mention as much in the post. In the name of accuracy your headline should be revised.

  • Behzad Tabrizi

    So not really a 50Mp camera!!! very fast means as fast as the phones memory…. does this technique work with flying birds or moving cars?? How about low light conditions? most probably you should click off this 4in1 picture technique most of the time anyway….

  • Richard

    It’s not incorrect, it does take 50mp pictures. It does not claim that it is a 50mp sensor, it claims it takes a 50mp picture…..which is accurate. It does not matter to most people who are going to use this, as long as it does what it says with the end results.

  • Rodrigo Abello

    Awesome news …..I almost could not make it through the day without it (sarcasm here). What a waste of time this “article” is.

  • nobody_u_know

    And yet you wasted even more time writing this “waste of time” comment…

  • Matt

    I’m sure it works fine, but kind of fodder for the people who yell about it not being about more mega pixels. More of a marketing thing than anything…

  • Renato Murakami

    Better than I was expecting… but I still called it on my last comment about it.
    Sounds like it has some interesting stuff going on, but we still have to see tests and results to see how good it really is.
    Anyone sporting 4K video smartphones to say how good those really are?
    And I’ll say it again, despite all the backlash we had about “magic numbers” like 50Mpx and 4K video, there are still people out there that thinks these are valid by themselves.

    50Mpx and 4K video on a smartphone with a small sensor means nothing. It doesn’t match the smartphone profile, people won’t use those, there are lots of problems regarding usage of such large files and complex workflows that doesn’t fit smartphone users, and it’s more of an empty (e-peen) claim to say “hey, my smartphone does 4K video while yours does FullHD alone. Hey, my smartphone does 50Mpx while yours does 41Mpx only… mine is better! It does 9Mpx more after all”. Worst of all, it’s no indicative of photo or video quality when you have other more important factors involved (image compression tech, sensor size, lens quality, bottlenecks on image processing, etc).