Leaked Product and Sample Images Show Off 50MP OPPO Find 7 Smartphone


The DSLR megapixel war has slowed down dramatically over the past few years as companies focus on low-light capabilities and other components of the cameras. But it looks like someone forgot to tell the smartphone market.

If we’re to believe the dimensions of the images purportedly captured with OPPO’s upcoming Find 7 smartphone, it looks like they may have just thrown down the gauntlet to Nokia by packing a FIFTY megapixel camera into the phone.

The Chinese company has been trying to keep its latest device under wraps, but with a string of “leaked” product images, as well as these photos, more and more information about this megapixel monster seems to be coming to light.

If we’re to believe the EXIF data of the images, these are the real 50MP deal, with the OPPO Find 7 showing up as the device used to capture them at f/2 aperture wide open.


As noted by Engadget, however, OPPO has been known to present false teaser images from products that aren’t yet released. That being the case, we’ll hold all judgement in terms of quality until we have some official info or see it first-hand.

The device itself is said to come in two variations, both featuring Android Jelly Bean (4.3) and a screen-size of 5.5-inches. Set to be released in Beijing on March 19th, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out for sure what type of heat the Find 7 is packing… megapixel-wise of course.

If the leaked images end up being legitimate, it’ll be interesting to see if Nokia (or any other manufacturer for that matter) tries to combat it with even more resolution. In the meantime, it’s safe to say that while one megapixel battle has ended, the war is far from over… for better or worse.

You can see (and download) the entire gallery of high-res photos over on GSM Arena if you want to verify or debunk the images yourself.

(via Engadget via GSM Arena)

  • Scott Stacy

    Megapixels and resolution(detail) are two different things…

  • Devin Lee

    EXIF says lens is 4mm. So if the FoV is 28mm, that means the sensor is about 1/3″ size. The Nokia 1020 has 41MP, but in a 2/3″ sensor.

  • David Liang

    For arguments sake even if that 50mp sensor is pretty good at maintaining detail, dymanic and tonal ranges, there’s no reason to believe the lens can resolve that much detail at such a compact size with 2 maybe 3 elements? Seriously….

  • Mike

    Oversampling, yay!

  • Renato Murakami

    Stupid. They can make a hundred thousand terapixel camera if they want to, which would mean nothing if they are still using the same old tiny sensor with outdated tech.
    In fact, it’s a negative point since it requires extra space, tons of processing power, and all the battery to process something of that size.
    What’s the use of 50Mpx camera if the resulting image looks like crap and it takes 10 minutes to process?
    The only arguable reason Lumia put that 41Mpx thing there was because of “lossless digital zoom”. Even so, it’s hardly justifiable.
    This megapixel crap shouldn’t be fooling anyone these days.

  • Zos Xavius

    Have you ever seen a Lumia raw? In good light that sensor resolves a tremendous amount of detail. Smartphones are packing 2+ghz processors. A 50mp jpeg is not even going to cause them to break a sweat. There are so many benefits to increasing megapixels beyond even what the lens can resolve. You should really try to take a look at some of the positives. The Lumia’s use pixel binning to produce some surprisingly low noise images. But hey, lets go back to 8MP CCD sensors. The IQ off those was so great. *cough*

  • Samsungfanboy

    The Snapdragon 800 Chip Can Support Up To 55MP And The Sensor Lens Grow Stronger Every Year With Company’s Always Upgrading

  • FullFrameBoy

    Wake me up when SamsunApplekia release a full frame smartphone camera :D

  • Eric Saffron

    It’s not even the megapixels I gripe about. Most phone apps lack functionality to make great photos. True, Google is getting there with RAW shooting and HDR, but give me more options like Tv and Av modes. Granted, this is why I own dedicated digital and film cameras.

  • Mike

    Reminds me of the eternal wisdom words of Tourette’s Guy.

  • Georgian Constantin

    Yeah and it will be the size of a mirrorless camera, at best, which would be far too large for anyone used with current smartphone size standards. just look at the galaxy camera, which is a step towards that direction. I am yet to see someone in my city using one.

  • Auto Motive

    Your are a very angry man. What the hell is going on in your miserable life.
    Technology is advancing in all forms. I look at advances that would benefit whoever wants to purchase it. Compact camera sales have plummeted since the advent of the smartphone. So let the mfg. build the best they can with the technology available and let the consumer decide on what is junk or the greatest thing on this earth. Mellow out before you have a heart attack.

  • Renato Murakami

    My argument was more against using the megapixel number as a marketing ploy of some sort, but yeah, I have seen a Lumia RAW – I have a Lumia 1020 after all.
    And yes, the results are impressive, but I almost never use it.
    Because it takes too long for the smartphone to process and store it (there’s a huge lag), the smartphone tends to freeze up when you are taking RAW DNG, and honestly, I don’t have enough space on the internal memory anymore (and since there’s no SD card expansion, there’s nothing much that I can do about it).
    See, I’m all for smartphone camera advances. But let’s be honest here: the average user almost never uses anything over 8Mpx. Heck, I don’t use anything over 8Mpx with my Lumia 1020 and I’m a photographer.

  • Renato Murakami

    You are missing my point. I’m not against tech advances and smartphones getting better cameras. It’s the megapixel for megapixel’s sake thing that’s wrong. People don’t need it, it doesn’t prove any tech advances or image quality, and this trend of announcing bigger megapixel numbers is not only misleading – it also proves nothing about the camera actual quality.
    It’s an empty number often used in marketing schemes to overshadow other companies that, while keeping the megapixel count low, could have major improvements on other areas.
    I have a Lumia 1020 in case you have any doubts.

  • Zos Xavius

    Well said. I actually didn’t realize the lumia was so limited. Kind of a bummer actually. I’m all for more megapixels as long as jpegs don’t come out looking like horrific 4mp watercolors due to excessive noise reduction.

  • Zos Xavius

    Sure why not? Many lenses only have 3 elements and are quite sharp. I was curious, so I looked it up and the iphone has a 5 element design. If you look at the recent lumia, the sensor is certainly outresolving the lens, but not all that badly. Even so, it is rendering a tremendous amount of fine detail.

  • Tane├Âi43123413523523

    it needs to be sharp only in the center to allow digital zoom. MFT on high frequency can drop to the corners quite drastically and it doesnt matter really since the full frame image is scaled to display size anyway

  • taneli643263424

    That would lead to ridiculously small pixel size since Lumia 1020 is already at tiny 1,1 microns. Not sure how this is even possible since it starts to approach the wavelength of visible light at 0,7 microns

  • taneli1241324

    according to dxomark the camera in 1020 is inferior to the one in iphone 5s

  • taneli123252

    full frame 6×7 and then we can start talking

  • taneli54234523432

    almost all phones have cameras with fixed aperture. otherwise, there are a lot of apps that allow full manual control

  • Zos Xavius

    i looked and couldn’t find that comparison to be honest. the iphone is also very good as well. dxomark doesn’t consider resolution really, so their tests are almost meaningless on a lot of levels. Did they test full raw files vs the iphone? jpeg? All I know is that I saw some 808 images and they were pretty darned good at full resolution in low light. Lightyears ahead of any cell phone images that I saw. Their reduced mp jpegs are pretty quality too until the ISO ramps up. I have to give nokia some credit for trying something new and succeeding for the most part.