Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm Photobomb Tourist Photos on Top of Rock Center

Usually, you have to get really lucky to have a celebrity photobomb a portrait of yours. It’s a rare occurrence and, when it does happen, it typically means you have something of a viral sensation on your hands.

Well, a bunch of tourists spending time on the observation deck of the Rockefeller Center yesterday got very lucky. As part of a new bit that we seriously hope becomes a regular on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and guest Jon Hamm went on a photobombing spree on the “Top Of the Rock Deck” that resulted in the hilarious video above.

(via Fstoppers)

Update: Here’s another one featuring Cameron Diaz:

  • Mark Houston

    Very Funny……..

  • ScarlettFeverr

    I just watched to see Jon Hamm over and over.

  • Natalie Adams


  • Genkakuzai

    A bit of an upgrade from what they thought they were getting eh ^^

  • Nate Funny

    Did not laugh.