Sony A77 Successor Coming in May, Might Pack the World’s Fastest AF


It’s been over a year since the last Sony A-Mount camera was announced, but it looks like that dry spell may be over soon. According to the ever-reliable sonyalpharumors, a successor to Sony’s A77 SLT is on the way, and it’s going to pack some serious speed.

For now specs are almost non-existent. We know that the camera is supposed to pack an even faster AF system than the A6000 (currently the world’s fastest), a super-fast processor and almost no EVF lag.

Other than that, all we have is a name — it’s going to be called the A77II — and ‘many trusted sources’ quoted as saying that the camera will arrive in May at a ‘big’ announcement, meaning we might see some new A and E mount lenses surface at the same time.

Keep checking back and we’ll be sure to update you just as soon as more info is made available.

(via sonyalpharumors)

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  • greenarcher02

    I wonder what the lower limit will be for ‘fastest AF’? Sony and Panasonic (and sometimes Olympus) have been claiming it with every camera they release…

  • Martuzu

    boooring.. and their AF sucks.. that´s why you don´t see sony at the olympics or othger sport events.

  • kotaro_14

    You don’t see them because they don’t have anything to compete with Nikon’s D4s or Canon’s 1DX lineup which are sports cameras with high speed burs.

  • JoeNoName

    Fifa world cup? The most watch sport event in the world?

  • cacamilis

    Meanwhile my a77 just died, red blinking light, dead, no money to fix, as much as I love Sony (Prefer it over my Pentax K5) they are not so durable

  • David Vaughn

    The question I have is…

    Will Sony eventually create an autofocus module so fast that it surpasses the speed of light and sends the camera back in time?

  • Mike

    Infinite DOF :D

  • Thomas Krüger

    Fastest AF + no lenses = crappy system

  • SSMAJplastic

    What about that Zeiss up there?

  • dyna

    I was going to say the same thing. Plenty of Sony at FIFA.

  • dyna

    They have 50+ lenses. What lenses are you mssing? Aside from T/S and a few f/4 offerings, Sony isn’t exactly missing the key.

  • Me

    He just needs to belittle another system to justify his Nikon or Canon purchase.

  • Sky

    There’s 402 native A-mount lenses.

    Sorry, but your comment is BS.

  • Sky

    There are T/S lenses for A-mount. Just not from Sony. Schneider and Samyang make T/S lenses for A-mount (Ok, Samyang got just one at the moment). There are also options to get T/S out of medium format lens with proper adapter.

  • David Portass

    How soon until Hasselblad come along and tweak the housing and charge over 10x more for the same camera?