1 RC Car, 25 GoPros and 30K Stick Bombs Make for an Awesome Video

What happens when you combine an RC car, some “stick bombs” and more camera gear than you can shake…er…blow up a stick at? You get this insane creation by Subaru.

This Subaru “WRX STI vs StickBomb” video was done using a one-off 3D printed RC model of a Subaru WRX STI (unfortunate acronym, wouldn’t you say?) racing alongside a wave of 30,000 stick bombs set on a miniature track.

Documenting it is a collection of high-end cameras joined by 25 GoPros, which were used to create cool “bullet time” sequence in the middle.

It took a total of three days with almost no sleep to produce in a Japanese studio, but it’s safe to say the results were worth the effort. At the top we’ve included the behind the scenes video, and directly above you’ll find the final video in all of its glory for you to watch.

Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

(via DIY Photography)

  • Boom goes the popsicle stick

    Well if the commercial is supposed to make you want to buy a million popsicle sticks it worked!

  • Mad Mutant

    While technically great and an impressive use of tongue depressors it doesn’t make me want to run out and buy a Subaru unless I want to get into racing model cars.

  • Adam Cross

    kinda makes me sad it wasn’t all done at once but you can’t expect all of that to come off in one take :’)

  • DLCade

    Haha I felt the exact same way, but I feel like it would have been more like a month with no sleep to get that all in one take.

  • Rabi Abonour

    I guess this is cool as a short film, but I don’t get it at all as a commercial.

  • Kaz

    What a waste of time…….

  • RobertB

    What’s with all the negativity? They did it, you couldn’t/didn’t.

  • Sean Mason

    The popsicle sticks totally won the race


    nice one!

  • Rob S

    That is SOOOOO Coool!!!!

  • Rob S

    I gust that but can I ask – are you a car guy? Because my bet is that among car guys/girls that is a good ad.

  • asdf

    Admittedly, the final video looks pretty cool. Definitely great work with the camera. But WFT??!!! RC cars and stick bombs??!! Did an 8 year old pitch this concept to them??!!

  • Rob Elliott

    are you sure it wasn’t anyway, every time they had to reset you have to wonder how long it took each time. :)

  • Jeff M

    As one that would be VERY MUCH called a “car guy”, I second the Mutant…makes me want a RC car, not a full sized one.

  • D.G. Brown

    That does make me want to go out and buy a 3D printer and a nice drifting RC chassis… ;-)

  • Matthew Wagg

    That was cool

  • Kyle Clements

    I am most impressed by the operator’s ability to drift the RC car, I simply didn’t know that could be done.

  • Sri Jiva Southall

    Great advert. I think there’s a reason they do these sort of pieces for online advertising which is really different to TV broadcast ads. The youtube clip has got 1.8m views and loads of positive comments. People on youtube wouldn’t sit through a traditional car advert like they would on TV and I doubt they’d rate or comment unless it had something engaging and different like this ad.

  • cgw

    So many using so much to accomplish so little.

  • KJ


  • AnotherFellow

    And that is the beauty of art.

  • Gavin

    Too much time on their hands, and as for electric RC Cars, forget them, go NITRO or go home!

  • cgw

    Art? Where?

  • Stan Perry

    I would stay its was a waste of time … and speak for yourself on couldnt do something like this … I could afford (gear rental) and pull off every shot in here … still looked like a waste of time … good for a reel … It looked corny i thought the final was going to be more epic but it was not … the behind the scenes was more entertaining …