Sony Promises Improved Image Quality for A7 and A7r with March Firmware Update

a7 and a7r

Early adopters of the Sony A7 and A7r full-frame mirrorless cameras will be happy to know that Sony has a big firmware update coming their way that will address several of the issues users have brought up.

No worries, they’re not trying to fix a light leak with firmware, that fix is still in the works. According to Sony Japan, this update — which goes live on March 19th — will bring with it:

  • Improved image quality
  • Faster start-up time
  • Unlock ‘live view grading’ and ‘smooth reflection’ functions when using PlayMemories App
  • Focus hold button support for the 70-200mm telephoto lens

The faster startup time, new PlayMemories features and improved functionality with the 70-200mm are all great, but the really intriguing point is the improved image quality.

Sony isn’t letting the cat out of the bag regarding what exactly they mean by ‘improved,’ but many people hope it means that JPEGs produced by the two shooters will see a noticeable increase in quality.

(via Engadget)

Image credits: Photograph by Renaud Labracherie

  • Arnold Newman

    Screw JPEGs. How about giving users the option for lossless RAW?

  • lallo

    light leak ???

  • grateful

    +1 for lossless raw. And how about addressing (at least mitigating?) the shutter vibration problem of the A7R?

  • Mikee Catacutan

    Do you shoot 30 second exposures at night? This like leak business is annoying. My 5d3 has light leak.

  • Homes Las Vegas

    I shoot HDR a lot and this camera isn’t the best for that. They need a timer for braketed shots. It really blows that I have to keep pressing the shutter button for the entire 5 shots (or 3), basicaly increasing movement while shooting…

  • Ben K.

    Could it be an update to fix the vibration issue on the A7R when going past 1/400s People have speculated weather Sony could fix this in a firmware update by changing the timing of the shutter. I have no problem making a weight but that would be nice for Sony to do. Have they said if the better image quality was for both the A7 and A7R?

  • appliance5000


  • appliance5000

    IR remotes are about $8.00. Get a couple in case a battery dies and you’re good to go.

  • appliance5000

    I think many people are resigned to a useless jpeg tweak. Let’s hope not.

    A favorites menu would be swanky-never too late for a line of code.

  • Ed Hecht

    It’s March 19th. Do you know where YOUR firmware is?

  • i7it

    Ty that, will not work properly, as you can not continue a set of 5 shoots with a IR-Remote. Thus, it will make one or two images, depending on the capture-time set. And fini. As it sais, no timer and no continuos self shooting of bracketed series. Sucks-a-lot.
    Also you cant set it to 5×1,7 EV-Step… but to a stupid 3x3EV-Step, and a 5×0,7EV-Step…

  • appliance5000

    I use one and press it 5 times to get 5 bracketed shots. A timer remote would be nice but in the end the IQ is so good I’ll work around it.