Fighter Pilot Takes Truly Epic Selfie While Firing an Air-to-Air Missile in Training


We’re fully aware that the term ‘epic’ is overused to the point where it means almost nothing. But in this case, we can’t help ourselves… because if this selfie doesn’t qualify as epic, then we’re not sure any selfie can.

Released recently by the Royal Danish Air Force, the photo shows an F16 pilot looking hardcore as can be, staring straight ahead as a live, AIM-9 Sidewinder missile takes off, covering his right wing in flames. Say what you will about the triviality of selfies, this is So. Freaking. Cool.

According to David Cenciotti over on The Aviationist, selfies are quite popular among fighter pilots, but it’s rare you get one where an air-to-air missile is being deployed because these kinds of ‘firing activities’ don’t happen often.

Still, rare doesn’t mean one-of-a-kind. And since this was so cool and we just needed to see another, we’re glad The Aviationist mentioned one more:


This photo was released by the US Marine Corps in mid-2013, and it captures Capt. Christopher Prout firing off an AIM-7 Sparrow missile from the seat of his F/A-18C Hornet.

We’ll be honest, this makes us feel like the rest of us ought to just give up on selfies entirely. Because between these guys and the astronauts taking portraits in orbit… well… we don’t stand a chance.

(via Sploid)

Image credits: Photographs by the RDAF and US Marine Corps.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Tristan!

  • dannybuoy

    You’re fired

  • Adam Cross

    yayy military-glorifying propaganda wooohooo, ugh… “looking hardcore as can be”…”So. Freaking. Cool.” … what are you, 5 years old?

  • caltek

    2nd shot is my fav.

  • PTBridgeport

    our tax dollars at work……

  • Juan Barinas

    What’s a missile for a Selfie?

  • Federico Montemurro

    He’s not using his hands to take the shot so it doesn’t apply as a selfie!

  • Brooks

    Not sure you can call this a true “selfie” because it doesn’t appear that either pilot has their arm extended, holding a smart phone. Still, I agree it’s one the coolest “self portraits” (by a GoPro?) I’ve seen! Thank you for sharing.

  • travisduncan

    Incredibly cool and imagine the timing to catch the missile!?!?! I bet he’s got “pouty-lips” under his visor too. LOL

  • Brikl

    only stupid americans who themself never witnessed war can write such a nonsense article….

  • Mantis

    Royal Danish Air Force

  • Mantis

    According to the article, this was the Royal Danish Air Force, so unless you live in Denmark, quite complaining. Also, i’m pretty sure the missile was going to be fired anyway as part of a training exercise. I’m not sure if it cost more money for the pilot to push a shutter button during the process though.

  • Patrick

    I’m an American who has witnessed war. This is a cool photo.

  • Roger

    This is supposed to be cool? These blokes are cowardly a$$holes flying well above any real danger and there targets are usually unarmed poor people. What tripe!

  • hydra

    Hypocrites (the ones whinig)…..

  • Archie262

    Said Roger from his couch.

  • Adam Cross

    did you miss the second image of the US pilot? yeah…

  • Adam Cross

    2nd image is a US pilot, plus – he was talking about the guy who wrote the article.

  • mooboy

    Oxford Dictionary – Epic: A long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the past history of a nation.

    I realise ‘epic’ is used as slang with a quite different meaning, but its usage here still makes this article feel like it was written by a 12yo boy.

  • Uncle Wig

    Sparrows and Sidewinders are air-to-air missiles. That is, they are for shooting down other airplanes. Last I checked, unarmed poor people generally don’t fly jet fighters. On the other hand, these guys may well be the target of another bloke in another airplane who is also shooting missiles. So “cowardly” isn’t the first word that comes to mind.

  • Roger

    You pigs censored my comment…

  • divemasterza

    Unlikely to be a #selfie. More like a frame grab of a GoPro or similar

  • David Vaughn

    Well aren’t you fun.

  • me

    The people on this site are so pretentious it makes me sick. Just enjoy these little things in life, you dont have to be such a pessimist about things. And yes i am talking to you Adam Cross, Brikl, and Roger.

  • advertise78


    Congratulations. You’ve proven to everyone how enlightened you are. Go pat yourself on the back while we slow clap for you.

  • advertise78

    They are pretentious DBs. Just hipsters desperate to shout to the world how enlightened they are. We need to learn to ignore them like we do trolls. Either that or go to the kale & kopi luwak appreciation boards and heckle them… Nah. That would be a waste of our valuable time.

  • Adam Cross

    not quite sure what enlightenment has to do with anything. unless you have to be enlightened to have an ounce of common sense…?

  • delayedflight

    Not to mention the poor guys on the ground now seem to be able to afford SAM missile launchers…

  • hydra

    Adam Cross (Roger as well) would be parying for these guys to come and save the day if his hometown would be under heavy bombing by some enemy airforce…….

  • Jigsaw

    Oxford References – SEMANTIC CHANGE, also semantic shift: change in the meanings of words, especially with the passage of time.

    Semantic change has been a part of language ever since its conception. The language that you speak right now (a bastardized mix between Latin, Old Norse, Norman French and Germanic, btw.) is only at your disposal, because many people before you (including 12 year olds) had the sense to expand and change the meaning of words. Language is in perpetual change and the absence of change is death. Get used to it.

  • Jigsaw

    Yeah… I’m leaning towards the liberal side of the political spectrum, but this hypocritical pacifism makes me wanna puke. The military that these people keep bashing is the reason why you don’t speak German today. Show some respect (and I say that as a German who is very, very thankful that the Allies put a stop to the Nazis). I wouldn’t wanna live in the 3rd Reich.

  • Jake

    Really? How much money do you think it cost for him to take that picture? Or do you think that having any Air Force at all is a waste?

  • harry slee

    This and bathpics!

  • Jake

    Well, you know, some people are lucky enough to be able to take pride in their jobs. Doesn’t make them 5 year olds anymore than complaining about an “immature” adult doesn’t really make you 80.

  • stan

    or is he? he is one with the aircraft, so technically his holding the cam

  • Sky

    My thought. Definitely seems like something made by a camera glued to the cockpit glass. Which means that it’s not a selfie.

  • kso721

    two practice shots at $84,000 /pc. no biggie.

  • Andrew Doran

    This is a still grabbed from a GoPro video, but it’s still a great shot. I’m about 90% sure I know the pilot. If it is who I think it is, this is one of the less exciting F-16 images he has.

  • Richard Smith

    Yes, Roger, and Adam…men from the US died in wars so you could come off as whiney enlightened soft self absorbed pseudo-intellectual pissants.

  • Anthony

    Exactly. You can see the VIDEO camera in the reflection of his helmet.
    A frame grab from a self-running video camera (recording at 30 or 60 fps) is not a “selfie.”

  • Federico Montemurro

    Valid point Stan. Great shot anyway!

  • Oderous OfStankstadt

    I would bet you are the “5” year old. These are “cool” pics.