Hilarious Portraits of People Getting Milk Thrown in Their Faces

We’ve seen milk used as a prop in photoshoots before, but never quite like how Paris-based photographer Alexander JE Bradley goes about using it. Profiled in the latest The Weekly Flickr installment, Alexander goes around splashing people with milk and capturing silly, moo-ving images in the process.

The Great Spectacle of the Milking series came to life while planning a party for some of his friends. For some reason, he needed an image of someone having milk thrown at them; but no matter how long and hard he searched the Internet, he met with zero success.

“Because I didn’t want to live in this kind of depressing milk-less world, I took the initiative and decided to shoot one myself.” he explains. “My friends and I grabbed some milk, asked a friend if he would be cool if we threw milk on him, he said yes, and the rest is history. It was fun and everyone got a kick out of it.”

Here’s a look at a few select images from the series:





With the gear he needed, gallons of milk at his disposal, friends willing to help, and subjects ready to be “milked” Bradley started adding to the series. Three to ten “milkings” would take place at each shoot, capturing a burst of usually six images while the milk was crashing across their faces.

“It can be quite challenging to choose which exact instance is the best,” Bradley told Flickr. “I think over the course of the series I have got most of the moments: the anticipation and terror before the milk hits, the initial shock upon impact and usually the hilarity that ensues after the fact! I try to just take a close look at the expressions of the individual and see which one looks the most interesting.”

Bradley’s personal favorite is Cookie Man (pictured below), which is one of the first in the series. The photo captures an all-too-calm subject enjoying a cookie while the milk he intends to wash it down is just about to make its presence known.


He also notes a funny instance where a group of children witnessed the making of one of his photographs:

They just stopped to see what we were doing. And as soon as we launched our milk they turned excitedly to their parents screaming, ‘Can we do it! Can we do it! Can we! Can we!’ I was really surprised when their parents responded, ‘Now just go and ask the nice photographer man and see if he’ll let you do it.’ Of course I did and that picture was hilarious.


Bradley states that the series doesn’t have any deep concept behind it, “If it makes people smile, then that’s good enough for me,” he says in the video. “Most of my work is pretty crazy, this is probably a reflection of myself as a fairly offbeat person. And as an Australian, I think I have a rather rye sense of humor and will find something absolutely hilarious that others might just think is a bit odd. But it’s all fun.”

To see his entire series, head on over to the Le Grand Spectacle du Lait (The Great Spectacle of the Milking) Flickr album. And if you’d like to keep up with the rest of his work, go and give his photostream a follow.

(via Flickr)

Image credits: Photographs by Alexander JE Bradley and used with permission

  • cryofly

    While the one where the guy is biting into a cookie is time perfect… I am unable to get over the fact that a food which is quite scarce in many countries is being wasted.

  • parfos

    Waste of milk

  • Mike

    Cows are artificially inseminated; their bodies cheated into milk production, with the newborn calves mostly killed; just days after birth. I don’t begrudge people for their reliance on dairy for their subsistence, but this is just plain, contemptuous, self-indulgent waste.

  • Kitsu

    There is much more waste on a global scale than a photographer throwing a bowl full of milk at people.

  • Kitsu

    You may wish to look at massive corporations throwing out food on a daily basis (FastFood joints etc) because it was not ‘sold’.

  • Kitsu loves to waste milk

    Bloody waste of milk.

    And this is bukakke right?

  • Burnin Biomass

    Ok, and you just ruined all the images for me. Ewwwww.

  • Kevin

    Everyone complaining should realize there’s no use crying over spilled milk.

  • Duen Ping Chan

    It is still a waste, no matter small scale or large scale. In fact large scale waste is a accumulation of small scale wastes.

  • Poor cow

    Throwing milk at a cow: “Oh, the milk you made for your calf, the one we stuck in a veal crate? We’re gonna throw it at you”

  • dimitrisservis


  • Felipe_Paredes

    People who complain about the waste of milk, maybe should stop buying in supermarkets and grow your own stuff, they waste tons of food every day, the same with food corporation as someone already say, or actually you should complain with every obese person, most of them (not all, I know!) are fat just because they eat what they don’t need.

    I don’t want to be mean, but these kind of selective moral rant that make some people feel good about themselves are the most useless, if you are so worry about the problem do something.

  • Azety

    Cause you know, milk is free, crisis is not real. Africa like this post.

  • Ílson Bolzan

    A lot of people are complaining about the waste of milk.
    But are those pictures good?

  • Tim

    Sure it’s a waste, and feels unnecessary since the pictures are pointless and boring, but so is it every single time you use milk for something good without being hungry, which most of you do. And if this milk wasn’t used for this purpose, it would end up in a container instead. Plus, if you seriously think sending milk – that gets sour fast in heat – to Africa is a good idea, you’re not really anything else than a moron. So stop bitching.

  • geodesigner

    BREAKING NEWS: Alexander Bradley is Peter North’s pseudonym