Images and Full Specs for the Ridiculously Thin Samsung NX Mini Leaked


In about a month’s time we might have a new contender for world’s thinnest interchangeable lens camera. Leaked images and specs from earlier today indicate that Samsung is working on a new camera dubbed the NX mini, and this cam is going to be tiny indeed.

The images were initially released by the folks at NXRumors (Google translated), who managed to get ahold of a press image as well as a photo from what looks to be a product presentation.

According to the breakdown in the presentation, which you can read for yourself below, the mini will boast a 20MP 1-inch BSI CMOS sensor (quite possibly the same one that’s in the RX100 Mark II), DRIMe 4 processor, 3-inch selfie-friendly flippable LCD, ISO range between 160 and 12800, 1080p/30p video capability and 1/16000s max shutter speed.


The camera is also said to use microSD (good thing they’re getting so big) and feature 22fps continuous shooting!

Of course the big selling point here is portability. The camera will supposedly sport its own lens mount that will support a 9mm and 9-27mm lens at launch. That 9mm lens is said to be only 12mm thick, while the camera itself is allegedly only 35mm (1.37 inches) thick.

That’s all the info we could glean from NXRumors and the images they posted. If there’s anything we missed that you feel is worth mentioning be sure to drop it in the comments.

No pricing info has leaked yet, but according to Mirrorless Rumors the announcement should be in less than a month, so we won’t have to wait long.

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Clayton Finley

    sweet, now lemme take a #selfie

  • Kyle Clements

    22fps? They couldn’t squeeze 2 more fps out of it to throw “4K video” on the box?

  • Art

    22fps doesn’t mean that the buffer is big enough to be actually able to shoot 22 frames in 1 second…. the camera probably slows down after less than 22 shots….

  • Renato Murakami

    Coming up next: interchangeable lens cameras you can fit the body into your wallet! It’s credit card sized! :P

  • Hayden

    Samsung needs more lenses not more bodies.

  • Renato Murakami

    Let me know if I’m wrong: is this yet another new sensor size for interchangeable lens systems (Sony RX100 MarkII is fixed) that will require a new line of lenses that will be incompatible with all other lenses on the market? Or will it take existing lines… like lenses for micro 4/3rds and such?
    I mean, it’s pretty cool that it’s thin and light, but one has to wonder if it’s worth creating yet another standard for lens development…

  • Kyle Clements

    Well, DSLRs have a time limit for their HD video, so Samsung should be able to get away with a time limit for their 4K video….even if that limit is 1/2 a second…

    hmm…I see your point.

  • mooboy

    The sensor size is same as Nikon 1… but Nikon 1 has a flange distance of 17mm – which would appear to be too much for this selfie wunderkid based on that photo of it being held.

    “while the camera itself is allegedly only 35mm thick”…
    The Pansonic GM1 is 30.4mm thick. So I don’t think 35mm could be considered ultra slim, and it doesn’t appear to match the photo of it being held in the hand like a mobile phone in top left photo.

  • Karen

    And make them bendy, with rubber lenses that attach with double sided tape. Instant tilt and shift!!! Or you could have lens painted on…

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you


  • SeoulFood

    Doesn’t the Panasonic GM1 do 40FPS with all 40 frames using the electronic shutter? I’m sure 22 FPS is no big deal without AF.

  • BBking

    I wonder if it’s the same mount as the Nikon 1?