Professional Skydive Photographer Puts the Nikon D5300 Through Its Paces

Apparently the newest, coolest way to show off your new camera is by sending it up with some professional skydivers and telling them to have at it. Okay, maybe it’s too early to spot a trend, but Nikon did recently decide to follow in Sony’s footsteps and send a couple of D5300s up with a pro skydive photographer to show them off.

Juan Mayer has one of the most exciting photography jobs on the planet: he’s a professional skydiving photographer in Dubai. So, as the video’s description explains, “Juan dons a wingsuit and a parachute in lieu of coat and tie. While most of us spend the day sitting in front of office desks, he jumps off planes and takes pictures of other skydivers on free fall.”

And so, given his exciting job and the interesting photographic perspective he offers, Nikon Middle East tapped him to show off the new D5300 in a short documentary about his job that was shot entirely on the prosumer DSLR.


Admittedly, the camera doesn’t get as much airtime as Mayer’s job, be we’re okay with that. Given an option between hearing about/watching a skydiving photographer in action or listening to him talk about a new product, we’ll pick option two just about every time.

Mayer explains that he picked this crazy branch of photography because of the myriad challenges it offers:

On the ground you have a lot of time to take a picture. In the sky you have a maximum of one minute, one minute and a half. So, it’s more exciting, it’s more challenging. It took me many years to start doing [skydiving] photos because it’s not easy.

One you get there, you cannot get out… I would like to do it forever.

Check out the video for yourself to learn a bit about what Mr. Mayer does for a living, and head over to his website or Facebook page to get some free-falling inspiration for your weekend.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Damien

    At 0:08, what’s plugged into the USB port? Looks like a dongle (then taped into the socket, like the lens focus ring is taped to stop it changing during flight) — what does it do? WiFi for remote control, or some sort of custom hardware? Just curious.
    Looks like a really exciting job!

  • Vlad Dusil

    The cable plugs into the port for the MC-DC2 cable release, so my guess is that it’s that.

  • Juan Mayer

    Hi Damien, thank you so much for asking! Im using the gps port connecting a cable that is going to a “BlowSwitch” that is installed into my helmet. From there is a tube that Im putting in my mouth, so, when I want to take a photo in freefall Im blowing.
    Juan Mayer

  • Damien

    Jaun, thankyou for your explanation!
    That’s a really innovative piece of equipment. Sounds ideal for hands-free operation, and getting the timing just right for the perfect shot. The results speak for themselves. :)

  • Ryan

    Surprised they didn’t give it to Norman Kent for this.

  • Juan Mayer

    THANKS Damien!

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