The Camera Store and Nick Devlin Test Out the Fuji X-T1 in the Field

If we had to name the most exciting camera of 2014 thus far, Fuji’s X-T1 would probably get the nod (although the Sony a6000 is no slouch). Some call it the Nikon Df done right, others are saying it’s the camera that will finally take the X-Series mainstream, but general opinion about this camera seems to be very good.

There’s only one problem… many of those opinions come from people who haven’t had a chance to use it yet. And since a spec sheet and press release can only say so much, The Camera Store and photographer Nick Devlin decided to go hands-on and take you in the field with this exciting new shooter.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.15.33 AM

Throughout the video, both Devlin and The Camera Store’s Chris Niccolls offer their first impressions about everything from the massive, super high-res viewfinder (which they love), to the button layout and customization abilities (also love), to the video capabilities (not so much love).

Most impressive was when they tested out the super-fast tracking AF shooting cars from the side of the road. Even while zooming out and following a car that was itself moving towards and then past them, Devlin was very impressed with the speed of the camera and the quality of the shots it produced.

And while not everything is perfect — neither Niccolls nor Devlin were crazy about the menus or a few of the more cumbersome controls — the entire review might be best summarized by a statement Devlin makes at the end: “While the Internet loves to speculate, for once I think X photographers aren’t going to be asking ‘what’s next.'”

(via Fuji Rumors)

  • Tyson Williams

    I am really considering this camera…

  • Lee

    in few years fuji maybe able to fit a FF sensor in it…. and to think about it, wow!

  • Daniel Cely

    you should, last saturday fujifilm did a live workshop in my city with awesome photographers leading and after lunch they let the audience experience the the full range of x-series cameras availables. and I was blown away by it, I really wish I could afford it, color rendition, noise performance and viewfinder are the 3 aspects I definitely liked the most about the x-t1.

  • Jeffrey Howarth

    This camera is not $650 better than the Sony A6000.

  • Scott Scheetz

    The 2 cameras are completely different. I would probably get this camera over the Sony.

  • Jeffrey Howarth

    No, they are very much alike.

  • Criss

    Yes very different!. The Sony is much better .


    I’m considering switching to Fuji from Canon 6D but I feel like XT1 can’t touch 6D and it’s full frame sensor in noise levels above 3200 ISO. Can anyone confirm?

  • Adam Cross

    I won’t be switching from my 6D, not to be a sensor snob but I got done with APS-C years ago

  • Mike

    I’d check dpreview out. They look pretty good actually!

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Fuji’s more retro appearance allows me to capture purer photography. Not as pure as with Nikon’s DF, mind you, but I’m sure my pictures would come out better compared to using the A6000.

    On a more serious note, the Fuji seems to have more physical controls, and I’m really curious if the 16.3MP X-Trans could compete with Sony’s standard 24.3MP sensor.


    yeah I moved from APS-C to 6D and wouldn’t even consider moving back but the recent really good reviews of X100S are tempting me to look into FUJIFILM

  • imajez

    I had a play with one a couple of days back and was generally quite impressed. Particularly with the nice big viewfinder which although bit more obviously video than the recent Olympus cameras, it reminded me of the massive viewfinder from my tiny old Olympus OM 35 film cameras – a 40 year old design that modern cameras struggle to match.
    The old school shutter dial is a waste of space though as it doesn’t do 1/3 stop increments and so you need a second dial to do adjust that. That second dial would be better suited to doing all shutter speed variations not simply just to tweak the clumsy shutter dial setting. That was never good ergonomics even in ye olde days. The old OMs were also great there as shutter dial was around lens.

  • imajez

    The optional battery/vert grip also needs some thought as the button layout for vert shooting is different from the horizontal layout which will mess with muscle memory. There’s a couple of other muscle memory mismatches with how things work, some of which could be addressed by firmware fixes.

  • Z

    True that … Df done right … Fuji rocks …

  • yamaha83

    if only Sony had the glass to back it up… i shoot Sony A900’s and am waiting to see what new FF Amount camera they come out with before i make the decision to jump to Fuji.

  • sean lancaster

    Exactly. The Sony A6000 is going to be hard to beat at the price ($650 body).

  • sean lancaster

    APS-C for both. The better native primes are on the Fujifilm X-T1. But, depending on the focal length desired, the Emount system is pretty good. Sony Zeiss 24/1.8 is a fantastic lens and that’s my favored focal length on APS-C. Please note, I shoot a Canon 6D, but if I was getting a back up camera, the A6000 would easily be my selection. I’d probably want to shoot Voigtlander glass and my Contax G 90/2.8 and in that sense, the X-T1 and A6000 are certainly NOT completely different; rather, they’re direct competitors.

  • sean lancaster

    Why not shoot your Amount lenses using the LA-EA2 adapter on the A6000? You’d get all of the glass you already use with nice AF (if it’s an AF lens).

  • sean lancaster

    Count me as another APS-C shooter who upgraded to the Canon 6D and has no intention of going back. I largely shoot the Sigma 35/1.4 on the 6D and my only complaint is the size. But image quality and the 6D can focus in -3EV, which is fantastic for an available light shooter. This camera/lens combo can’t be beat in this price range or lower.

  • Jeffrey Howarth

    Get the LA-EA3 or LAEA4 to be future proof.

  • yamaha83

    its more that if i go smaller sensor it would be for a smaller overall system. throwing my A-mount glass onto a smaller camera defeats the purpose for me.

  • sean lancaster

    I agree. But if you’re going to go smaller then a super shallow depth of field you get from full frame can’t be high on your priority list. And fuji has the better fast prime (AF) lenses compared to Sony Emount. I have no clue what focal lengths you prefer or whether you shoot zoom lenses or what, so I can’t argue that Emount has or doesn’t have the lenses you need. I am pretty happy with a FF 35/1.4 and a portrait lens and nothing else so I am waiting for the Sony A7/R system to add the 2 lenses I need and that’s how I’ll go smaller (than my 6D and Sigma 35 anyway). I do have a bunch of legacy lenses (e.g., Canon FDn 50/1.4, Contax G 90/2.8, etc.) so I am looking at the A6000 as a way to use these lenses until I can go the A7/R route (the price of the body is just so much cheaper than the X-T1).

  • sean lancaster

    Fuji notoriously overstates/inflates their ISO values. It’s better to check DxOMark when comparing sensors and ISOs.


    I have the same set up :), now if only Sigma could release 85mm 1.4 for under $800 that would complete me.

  • Adam Cross

    I came to the 6D from the 5D mark II after deliberating much over the 5D mark III, I couldn’t justify spending that much extra for a camera that doesn’t fit my needs, I don’t need that fussy AF system (center point does me just fine) nor the extra FPS, the extra card slot or headphone jack and AA filter and I have no use for the ever so slightly faster flash sync speed. The -3EV, better dynamic range and better high ISO performance of the 6D were the clear winners for me, the weight loss and Wi-Fi (no use for GPS but i’ll take it) are huge bonuses (I never thought I would use the WiFi as much as I do!). And because of that fantastic new sensor I don’t have to upgrade my lens, I was going to go for the 24-70 f2.8L but because I can crank up the ISO to shoot faster without worrying about crazy amounts noise I can keep my 24-105 f4 for a good while longer, 6D is fantastic value for money, the 5D mark III seems widely over priced when you compare them.

  • tttulio

    How comes Fuji keeps getting it right? What a great design, shutter speed on top knob, aperture on the lens ring, ISO on the left knob. WIN , WIN, WIN.
    O M G. and the lenses!!!

  • alealeale ale

    This is sarcasm right?

  • Edward De la Torre

    I want to test this camera out during the long beach grand prix.

  • Guest

    Played with one and that little zoom preview works fantastically. For bad eyes, it makes the 5d MK III seem antique.

  • ProudPagan

    How does the EVF compare with the Oly EM-1, Sony A7/A7R and NEX-7 and the various Panasonic ones?

  • QBNY

    I just sold my 6D to get the X-T1. I must admit, I’ll miss it somewhat, but I’ll sacrifice that FF sensor for smaller size, EVF and the flip screen.
    Plus I like the Fuji support and the sensor is no slouch either.

  • Nick Lachance

    What about the battery…. I have 3 for my x100s and still wish I had another. Also, back button focusing?!?! I bet it does that at least.

  • cocerell


  • Patrick

    Mmmm with the NR running obligatory on my raw (xtrans sensor), is like painting watercolor pictures! Im hold until they put to 0 Nr !!!!! Crap xtrans tecnology