Lightroom Plugin Analyzes Your Metadata, Offers Insights on Your Shooting Style


You may be stuck in a photographic rut and not even know it. To the rescue comes Lightroom Analytics, a free plugin for Adobe’s Lightroom management/editing package that analyses the metadata in your library to spot trends.

As you might expect, the plugin collects basic information such as how often you use a particular camera and your tendencies with aperture, lens, ISO and shutter speed. But the granularity of the data is downright impressive. Aperture and focal length trends can be viewed as a whole, for instance, or for a particular lens.

See if you may be going a bit overboard in post-processing with detailed analysis of the extent to which you apply adjustments such as saturation, temperature, exposure, contrast, highlights, split-toning and more. You can even dial down not just to how much you adjust post-crop vignetting but the amount, midpoint, roundness and feathering of those adjustments.




Results are compiled as a CSV spreadsheet — which can be crunched and prettied up using any spreadsheet app — or a JSON raw data file to be processed by the Lightroom Analytics viewer. And did we mention that the whole shmear is free?

Yep, not a bad deal. To learn more or check out the plugin for yourself, head over to the Lightroom Analytics website by clicking here.

(via PopPhoto)

  • Sean Lucky

    Is this tool able to analyze data from all my Lightroom catalogs, or just individual ones at one time?

  • Richard709

    I would love to get my hands on that 0mm f0.0 that he owns. I think you’d need a welders mask to look through the viewfinder though as you’re taking a picture of all the universe in one frame.

  • flashenstein

    This wouldn’t tell me much since I only own one lens( 50mm 1.8) and all of my pictures are shot with off camera flash :) . plus most of the time I live around f8. hmmmm now that I think about it, my photography does feel a bit robotic and predictable lol…

  • Andrew Richardson

    where’s the “You overuse VSCO” graph?

  • harumph

    I googled VSCO and I still don’t know what it is. It’s a Lightroom feature?

  • David Liang

    This is so cool…I love data like this!

  • Mike MacKay

    Very cool! Guess I have lived too long without it. Can’t think of a thing to do with the data.

  • markz

    sorry to play the roll of Captain Serious here but that would be when using legacy or 3rd party lenses that don’t pass focal length and aperture data to the camera

  • Joakim Bidebo

    Tried it. Thought it was kinda cool tho. You can compare of you shoot your first year with your last and see how things have changed.

  • Rebecca Oprish

    This is the coolest tool! Thank you for sharing!