Latest Intelligence on Rumored Canon EOS 7D Successor Suggests Modest Upgrades


A lot of what you think you know about the successor to Canon’s midline EOS 7D might turn out to be wrong. And this information is coming from, of all places, competitor Panasonic.

The Lumix folks have put together a media presentation comparing their GH4 model to likely competitors — the Olympus OMD EM1, Nikon 7100 and a  “Canon 7D successor.” Whether or not this is speculation is unconfirmed, but either the Canon 7D Mark II won’t be much of an upgrade or Panasonic hopes it won’t be.

Conclusions of the comparison are no surprise — Panasonic wins the race it invented — but their deets on the new Canon include a number of items that go against the grain of previously-reported rumors.


Panasonic says the 7D Mark II will have a 20-megapixel sensor, a slight bump from the current 18MP but nowhere near the projected 24MP. It’s weather-sealed, just like the original, contrary to predictions Canon would de-ruggedize the new model to save money. And, contrary to expectations Canon would put the 7D on a diet, the new model will supposedly weigh 910 grams, almost 100 grams (3.5 ounces) more than original.

Staying the same are max shutter speed (1/8,000 sec.), autofocus (19-area phase detect system), screen size (3-inch, but now 1.04M-dot and touch-sensitive) and continuous shooting speed (up to 8 fps). Max ISO will be bumped up a notch to 25,600. One surprising oversight is the lack of built-in WiFi connectivity — 7D Mark II owners will supposedly have to buy an optional transmitter for that.

No new info on video specs is included in the presentation, but if these specs are correct, then it looks like Canon will need to cover a lot of ground there to make this seem like a compelling upgrade.

(via EOS HD)

  • Adam Cross

    rumours annoy me, you could just wait until Canon actually release the damn thing and that way you can save yourself the time you spend in forums arguing with idiots over tech specs.

  • Mike

    So this is basically a useless rumor, or misinformation.

  • Jay Rider

    thats the way i read it.

  • Josh Wallace

    All I wanna know is if it’s full frame…

  • Noah Wardrip

    The rumor is basically describing a 70D with no wifi and 1 additional frame per second. Completely pointless.

  • e33w3r23423

    panasonic knows s*it.
    so why even posting this crap?
    slow day?

  • JoeNoName

    you missed the 2 extra megapixels worth mentioning (as all new Canon cameras, as did old ones, share the same sensor).

  • alealeale ale

    Of course it’s not! Are you stupid? There’s the 1,5 and 6d lines for that!

  • Noah Wardrip

    70D has a new 20.2MP sensor with “dual-pixel” AF support

  • alealeale ale

    The 70d also has 20mp……

  • alealeale ale

    Why bother posting this?

  • NancyP

    useless. This is a rumor from a competing firm, for heaven’s sake.

  • Tyler Magee

    This rumor has been around since march 2012

  • Tyler Magee

    I think petapixel even did an article about it in 2012 too haha

  • buli basha

    Canon EOS 7d Mark 2 Specifications:

    38MP APS-C sensor
    DIGIC 6
    9 fps
    ISO 50-25600 (204800 extended)
    Shutter: 1/8000 seconds – 30 seconds
    Kevlar/carbon fiber-composite, rated 600,000 shots
    Penta Mirror. 95% field of view, 0.8 times magnification
    LCD monitor 460,000 dot 3.0-inch
    Video 4K 50/60p. MOV format, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
    Three ND Filters & Five Paint Functions
    Scene Intelligent Auto
    Five Creative Filters
    Final Image Simulation
    Dual XQD Card Slots for 4K Recording
    910g Weight (body only)

  • buba

    canon is next microsoft

  • x4rd

    I disagree, in my opinion rumours keep the attention to the brand but on the other hand yes, in case of 7d MK II it is starting to be annoying.

  • JoeNoName

    Just wait for the next T6i or T7i I dont know which is next, and mark my words: SAME SENSOR.

  • CurrentCo

    As long as they bring the horrible AF and ISO performance up to speed, then that in itself will be a major upgrade.

  • Scott Adam Zanarky

    The 7D Mark II will be a pointless camera. The 70D is already highly competent, and the 6D is an excellent entry-level full-frame option, both of which have Wi-fi and GPS connectivity built in. The lineup does not need anything between these two cameras. The differences would be astoundingly small. I’ve said for a long time now that Canon won’t make a 7D Mark II because of this, and I sincerely hope they don’t.

  • brian_x

    I have a 70D and love it, but I have seen a few things that could differentiate a 7D mark II.

    The big one is weather sealing. For various reasons I do a lot of shooting at night on the street, and I’m not that keen on hauling out the 70D when there’s rain.

    There are a couple of other things though. One is the possibility of consumer-level 4K video. Personally, I think 4K is silly unless you’re making a film with a nine-digit budget, but the demand will be out there and the current 20.2 sensor can handle it. More realistically: multiple user presets (something I’ve seen 5D users complain about the 70D lacking), a 64-bit (Digic 7?) processor, built-in wifi, and dual CF and SD slots, along with all the rest of the features like dual-pixel AF that the 70D brought to the game. Some more extensive in-camera editing tools would be nice but not critical.

    The alternative is ditching the 7D entirely and forcing people onto the 6D. That doesn’t strike me as being particularly productive, especially since people aren’t going to want to throw out their EF-S lenses.

  • skimsi

    Just a nice attempt to show Panasonic’s own product in the best possible light. It’s interesting so many people react on it. It’s total nonsense, as with this specification Canon product would lose market share.

  • Ryan Tower

    I’m buying it,here’s why…It will have similar photo (slight upgrade)..I loved the 7D photo quality and features. And the video (which I use most) will be better. I liked the 7D video but wanted slight more low light sensitivity and more dynamic range. Even a 10-20% upgrade and I’m all in! One thing I didn’t like about the 7D’s is they would overheat after and hour of normal video usage.

  • Korios

    Dream on..

  • evan

    haha, lol
    and don’t forget the price is under $1500