Adobe Further Beats Dead Horse, Extends Photography Program for Everyone Again


Don’t lie, you saw this one coming. Adobe has already beaten the proverbial horse bloody when it comes to their Photoshop Photography Program being extended again and again and again… and again.

And yet, here they are doing it again, this time once more allowing anybody in the US (regardless of whether or not you own a previous license or not) to get the special bundle for only $10/month on an annual basis.

The deadline this time is March 31st, and if you sign up for the photography bundle before that you’ll get Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, a Behance ProSite, 20GB of online storage, access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources and all future upgrades and updates — all for $10 per month as long as you sign up for a year in advance.

And, fortunately for those of you who don’t own a previous Photoshop CS3 or newer license, the bundle is yet again being extended to everyone in the US. To learn more or subscribe for yourself, head over to the Program webpage here.

  • Follow gram

    Thanks for good article.

  • try2

    What happens when the promotion is gone? When I work in PS, most of my effort is learning not accomplishing. I can not afford to spend the time learning what I will not have access to in the future.

  • YS

    This is so wrong. You commit to a yearly contract, but pay monthly.

  • Aglik

    When I called in for more details before signing up initially I was told that they were going to maintain this rate at least for the foreseeable future. I didn’t want to sign up and then have the rate sent sky high after a period of time. My guess is they keep saying this is a special when in reality this is the price point they are going to stay at for this bundle.

  • prune

    Well, following your post I DID subscribe for the one year photography plan.
    I just re-installed my computer last week and thought it war the right moment to have a clean Abode CC install.
    Well, buying process is flowless.
    It took me around 2 hours and 4 reboots on Osx Maverick to have Lightroom working…
    Photoshop is still asking me for a serial number I don’t have…

    Downloading the full CS6 suite from PirateBay with working serial may not take me more than 35 minutes.

    Is Abode CC really worth it ? not sure (and close to cancel the plan…)

  • prune

    Forgot to mention I’m trying to contact the chat support for 30 min now with a ” We are still assisting other customers, thank you for your patience.” so far…

  • Matti R

    But the problem here is that the price is not predictable after the initial contract term (1 yr). No one knows how much Adobe will charge on Ps+Lr after you need to renew.
    My guess is that the price will be significantly higher IF they have the subscribe penetration their marketing department is expecting.
    So, there is nothing predictable here. I took the subscription but just because I’m not a heavy user of Ps and I do have a stand -alone license for Lr also (bought earlier). So if the subscription price will be too high at the end of this year (end of my term) I will drop Ps and revert back to stand-alone Lr.

  • matey


  • Rob S

    While I agree we don’t know what will happen down the road I don’t think we should automatically assume this was a plot by Adobe to screw us down the road.

    If they get substantial sign ups it actually makes it more likely they will keep the rate the same. Compare this modes to the old one.

    Subscription: Develop product. Get $10. Pay for bandwidth to deliver. Keep getting $10.
    Retail Box: Develop product. Package product. Send to Retailers. Get some $$ from retailers. Pay for bandwidth for patch necessary due to lag between package and purchase.

    Adobe has not only cut out the middle man – retailers – but they have eliminated packaging, documentation, physical distribution and a ton of other expenses. And its not just retailers they have cut out. Ingram and Insight no longer get a cut. And how many of us used our kids “Academic” access to purchase cheaper versions? I know I did!

    I am sure Adobe will eventually raise the price but I don’t think its going to be right away and I don’t think its going to be drastic. Photoshop is dominate and they want to keep it that way. Lightroom is getting there. But Apple continues to improve Aperture and Adobe has to be concerned that they might start giving it away (See iLife and iWork). If I had to guess we will probably have $10 a month for 2-3 years and then see it go to $15. Still a bargain.

  • K. Garang

    I wonder how much saving if any (sure there is) taking into account the time value of money by paying 10/month for 6 years compared to paying 1 time pay for a stand alone product?

    Even now, the paranoia of Adobe increasing the subscription fee in the future, as the theory goes, is hurting their new subscription, what makes people think that Adobe will go and actually do it, since subscriber can always not renew their subscription and return to their already purchased CS whatever or even have visit the pirates bay…

  • John R

    19th Feb 2014 my CC trial expired, I still have Production Premium CS6 (and Photoshop 2.5 onwards). But at £8.00 I decided to subscribe to PShopCC. But the browser took me to a place were the £8.00 offer had gone and in its place was £17.00 a month. I don’t think so… Remembering this thread I followed the article link and £8.00 was there again. I subscribed. Adobe have lost my future custom though. I cannot justify whatever they are asking for the full suite, and I don’t want the full suite. Production Premium was good for me but I’ll stick with CS6 as they are not selling upgrades at the right price.