The New ‘Flag’ App Will Print and Mail You Your Photos for FREE


A new app called ‘Flag’ is exploding on Kickstarter today, and it’s based on a very simple premise. The app will print and mail you museum quality, 220 gsm prints of 20 photos per month absolutely free… just as long as you allow them to place advertisements on the usually-blank back side of the photo.

That’s it: no catch, no shipping charges, nothing. For now, you have to live in the US, but they hope to expand out soon.

Here’s a quick intro to the service and everything you’d be able to do with it:

As you can see, not all of the services offered by Flag will be free. If you want postcards, for example, you’ll pay about a dollar more than shipping. In fact, pretty much any special option available will cost a tiny bit. But those 20, high-quality, 4×6 prints per month will always be free. And if you want something bigger, you can use 16 of your allotted photos to order a ‘jigsaw’ print.

Another cool free feature will be the ability to print a photo, a caption, EXIF and location data on the back next to the ad, so you never have to strain to remember when and how you took the shot. And if you are willing to pay, Flag will offer all sorts of other services including panoramas, traditional enlargements, special borders and more.


So, if the app and core product is to be free, you might ask yourself, why the Kickstarter campaign? Or, better yet, why should I support it when the end product will be free?

The Kickstarter campaign is there because providing ad-supported prints leads one into a classic catch-22. You need advertisers to get free prints to customers, but you need customers to entice advertisers to work with you. Kickstarter is their way of proving to advertisers that the idea is… if you’ll pardon our French… worth a damn.

The money will also allow them to buy the equipment necessary to run their “21st century photo finishing system.” This allows them to deliver on the quality they’re promising, while preventing others from easily copying their business model. It also explains why the Kickstarter goal is so high.

As for the second question, any money you pledge to help Flag get funded goes right back in your pocket as credit within the app. So if you fund them, you’ll already have money to go towards some of those special services mentioned above.


The Kickstarter is plunging ahead at breakneck speed, but they still have a ways to go. There are 10 days left and they’ve only raised just under $53K of the $100K they need.

Given the press attention the app has gotten over the past day, we’re confident it will reach full funding. But if you want to learn more or help make sure that they reach their goal, head over to the Flag Kickstarter by clicking here.

(via TechCrunch)

  • David Liang

    This is a really interesting business model. A lot of companies still pay for production and distribution of traditional print ads. This is an interesting proposition for them to target a demographic should their business sell products/services to that demographic. The receiver will almost certainly look at the ad and definitely keep or share the photo, which is a step further than the reach of traditional ads.

    Very cool idea…be extremely curious to see if advertisers get on board. Kudos to these guys for trying something new.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I also wonder if advertisers will get on board. If the print is put in a frame or an album, the ad on the back will never be seen.
    I also kind of wonder about “museum quality”.

  • David Liang

    They likely won’t be seen again, but there’s a high likely hood they’ll be seen at least once, which is really all any print ad can hope for. I like their idea of putting exif data on the back with the ad…it gives a slight incentive for the person to look back there and notice the ad.
    I’m sure museum quality is a marketing thing but honestly it can’t be lower than costco/walmart stuff.

  • chris62401

    If I have photographs taken with my DSLR on my phone can I print them with Flag?

  • Syuaip

    I hope they are not allowing the kind of ads i find disturbing on my photos.. that would be a contra-productive ads..

  • Fernando Callo

    Anyone noticed the VSCO Cam interface?

  • EmceeGrady

    “FreePrints” on android does the same thing you just pay shipping. I would rather pay shipping then have to see a ad.

  • Mike

    It seems that by “museum quality” they just mean materials and printer quality. As usual, bad photos cant be fixed with better printers.

  • Mike

    “Flag prints every pixel your camera captures so, for the first time, you can enjoy every detail of your pictures.”
    Oh FFS! As if this print is the only way to do so!

  • Mike

    Oh, hey, did you know that your stupid cameraphone throws away most of the photo when it saves it in JPEG format!? No printer will rescue you now!

  • Hanakurori

    What I am wondering is how they will clear the copyright hurdle of printing a photographer’s image who hasn’t given permission.

  • Bill Bentley

    Yawn. Who wants 4×6 prints? There have been paid postcard mailing apps for a long time now. If this offered FREE postcards then I’d sit up and take notice.

  • Nitin

    Hi. Interesting Idea.

    Can i get this in India?