This Infographic Will Help You Remember the Ten Must-Have Wedding Shots


Wedding photography gets a bum rap among many photographers, but the thing is, it gets that bum rap because it’s hard! You’re working in a high-stress environment, tasked with capturing someone’s ‘most important day of their lives’… and you’d better be doing it on par with the 3,426 amazing wedding photos they’ve compiled on Pinterest in preparation for this day.

With all this stress and expectations, it’s easy to miss out on a crucial snap. But have no fear, photographer Barry Page is here to help with a new infographic you’ll probably want to commit to memory this wedding season.

The infographic was first shared by the good people at PhotoDodo, and it covers the ten wedding photos you absolutely must get to make the bride and groom happy.

Here’s a look at the full infographic:


As you can see, this could come in very handy indeed. Not only does Page cover the photos you really need to get, he also offers helpful tips for the people in your photos, addressing both sides of the good wedding picture coin.

If you’re a wedding photographer and you’re gearing up for a busy wedding season, we suggest you keep this link bookmarked. It couldn’t hurt. Oh, and feel free to add anything you feel is missing in the comments down below.

(via The Phoblographer)

  • DafOwen

    That’s hardly an infographic!

  • Hrm

    The happiest day of HER life? What about him? Oh wait, now all he has to look forward to in life is a ball and chain. Let’s change the narrative, eh people?

  • Eugene Chok

    i shoot for the bride as she usually cares way more then the guy, generalization that is well generally true

  • Katie Jane Goulah

    What a heteronormative and sexist (to both men and women) infographic. Kind of disappointed you would share this, PetaPixel.

  • Not really

    I have not found this to be true. You may be seeing that because that’s all you’re looking for. Try talking to the groom sometime as if he’s something more than an accessory and you might see a different reaction.

  • kodiak xyza

    well, this will be a great page to bookmark,
    as in a few forums there is the:
    “I just got hired to shoot a wedding this weekend” —
    and that coincides with their first wedding assignment ever.

    photography by the numbers: a growth industry. now with infographics!

  • AV Tog

    “If you’re a wedding photographer and you’re gearing up for a busy wedding season, we suggest you keep this link bookmarked. It couldn’t hurt.” Actually, if you’re using this for your ‘busy wedding season’ IT WILL HURT.

  • Bill

    Why do wedding photographers get a bum rap?
    This is a nice graphic, i would think, for the new or enthusiast photographer.
    This is one of the things I like about this site, not just geared to the pro.

  • Vin Weathermon

    In selling a wedding, you are selling to the woman…if you left it to the man he would pick the cheapest possible typically. Weddings are emotional and the photography is an emotional sell.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Really? Saying what a bride wants is sexist? If you had another one for “what the groom wants” you’d be ok, right?

  • BBking

    The kiss?? Yeah, sure. BUT it would be nice IF IT WAS IN FOCUS!!

    Bloody over saturated bokeh shots… At least have the LOVE sing out of focus and the couple in focus.

    Wait, let me guess. Love is meaningless then?

  • Christopher Hugh Hiscocks

    If I was a wedding tog and someone showed me this, I’d bet them up

  • CrackerJacker

    “Beautiful Bride”, “Beautiful Bridesmaids”. Where’s “Handsome Groom”? “Dashing Groomsmen”? With the exception of “The Romance”, the grooms are all partially blocked or off the edge of the frames

    Maybe it’s just to us non-wedding photographers, but it’s glaring.

  • CrackerJacker

    Maybe someone could make an infographic for that photographer about aperture values and depth of field! ;)


    Not detailed enough for a photographer (as the title suggests) Many years ago, (at least 20) I was shooting a wedding for a friend and after the bride saw the photos the comment I got was “These photos are great but where is the full length of the bride? Oops, never took that one. Last wedding I ever shot.

  • David Vaughn

    Or maybe include both of them in one infographic? Last spring I shot a lesbian wedding, and with gay marriage support ramping up across the US it would make sense to at least include both sexes in the infographic at least.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Sure, having that information makes sense. It bugs me that we have photographers pissing and moaning about the photographs instead of the intent of the graphic. He could just as easily have put bullet points on a web page and the point is if he gets these shots, in that photographer’s experience his brides are always happy. Having one for the groom, gay or straight makes just as much sense.

  • MickO

    Love the main camera graphic. It would be BALLSY to shoot a wedding with a Canonet QL-17 G-III .. wait is that what the poster is saying is a MUST-USE? Wah lau!

  • Eugene Chok

    generalization that is well generally true, so yes, maybe you have not found this to be the case

  • Eugene Chok

    you know what you sound like to me buddy … you sound like a photographer that gets bookings and understands the business

  • Vin Weathermon

    :-) 30 years is a loooonng time. Marketing and sales are more important than the time spent on the photography itself (if you are trying to build a business.) In many cases the client isn’t buying because of the samples, she’s buying because of the personal attention (which I think is what the graphic is trying to convey).

  • Bill

    It was in focus, the little love sign was the subject. Or am I missing something? Hey I thought it was a nice reminder, as to what not to forget.

  • Nikki May

    I think men are getting WAY more involved in the photography aspect of the wedding planning (at least in my experience). In the last 2 years I have had about 25% of my inquiries come directly from the grooms, and about 50% of my grooms had the final say in the photographer selection. Most of the grooms that contacted me directly are ametuer photographers etc. So yes, I agree that the narrative needs changed a bit.

  • Eugene Chok

    from what i find, men need to have something to do at the wedding, of the options photography is one good one to give to your husband to be, like i said i was generalizing but most of the time its just easier to focus on the bride, i am not saying its a hard and fast rule, i just seems to make my life easier

  • Eugene Chok

    people need to realize we are in a service industry, so what are you doing that best serves the needs of your client? or you can be arrogant and foolish and make it all about how amazing an artist you are. happy wife happy life…. happy brides happy career