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Clever Infographic for Brides Reveals All of the Little Known Costs of Being a Wedding Photographer



We’ve said this about a few other wedding photography resources, but this infographic is the kind of thing every bride and groom should be shown before they embark on the harrowing journey of hiring a wedding photographer. If they did, maybe they wouldn’t be so shocked at what are, essentially, perfectly reasonable prices.

The infographic was put together by Italian photographer Francesco Spighi, and in it he uses the well-known analogy of the iceberg to describe the costs of wedding photography. Meaning that most of the costs involved are ‘hidden’ beneath the surface.

So while all wedding photographers know they’re there, the average couple (or amateur thinking of starting a wedding photography business) doesn’t have any clue what they’re in for. Scroll down to get a peek beneath the surface:


Of course, as Tiffany Mueller over at DIY Photography points out, the costs and equipment described are used in most types of photography, not just wedding. The reason infographics like this are necessary in wedding photography is that there’s such a disconnect between the person hiring the photographer and the person taking the pictures.

You expect a Director of Photography or Art Director to know these things; none of us can honestly expect a bride or groom to. Which is why you should maybe print this puppy out (or something like it) and hand it out to your potential clients. It could come in handy when it comes time to discuss pricing.