Pro Ballerina Dances Her Way Through Her Pregnancy in ‘Ballet Beautiful’ Photos


Creative women the world over have been documenting their pregnancies in, well, creative ways for a long time now. From stop-motion time-lapses to funny photo series we’ve seen some interesting things, but we’ve never seen this. This being a professional ballerina who continued dancing right up until she was about to pop.

The ballerina in question is Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful, and the photos she took of herself striking stunning (and difficult) ballet poses while carrying her little baby girl have taken the Internet by storm:












Of course, the fun had to stop sometime. On December 26th, her little bundle of joy arrived:



“Pregnancy is magical, I’ve never felt more connected to my body,” said Bowers about her experience. “Looking back I’m so happy that I’ve taken so many photos and really documented the different stages.”

In case you’re concerned about either baby or ballerina, it’s worth noting just how experienced Bowers is. She was studying at the School of American Ballet in Manhattan as a full scholarship student at age 15, joined the New York City Ballet at 16 (where she stayed for 10 years), and was actually the ballerina who trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan.

To see more beautiful ballet photos, including more of Bowers pregnancy portraits, be sure to visit the Ballet Beautiful Instagram account. And if you want to find out more about the ballerina — or even learn a few moves from her yourself — you can do so at her website Ballet Beautiful.

(via Exposure Guide)

Image credits: Photographs courtesy of Ballet Beautiful and used with permission.

  • Sky

    Some of these shots look creepy o_O
    But one is sure: Kid will be stretched from birth! ;) :P

  • Banan Tarr

    The instagram filters really don’t do this any justice. (IMHO, of course, please don’t yell at me and call me naughty names)

  • Jim Johnson

    Because of some of the stances, it almost looks like someone went crazy with the liquify tool.

  • Fernando Callo

    Yeah, that belly looks huge

  • Fernando Callo

    Instagram filters are sh*t man, I agree.

  • Stance Expert

    There’s like 5 photos of the same ballet move/stance. Something should be done about this.

  • Richard

    Fantastic. Congratulations.

  • Omar Salgado

    She may be a professional ballerina, but the photos are not the same way around. They don’t just make any justice to her.

  • Becca Gulliver

    Kudos to her though. I couldn’t lift my leg that high when I was heavily pregnant.

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Diana Patricia Acevedo

    good idea, lovely stances but friggin crappy quality, it’s a shame all of them were taken with cellphone camera.

  • ryanwrightphoto

    I think, while shoddy quality, the photos are beautiful

  • Nikki Comma

    I wonder what “different stages” she is referring to here, since her size (body and bump) is about the same in all of them — I’m guessing third trimester… but still a very impressive collection of photographs of what (some people’s) bodies can do if kept up. I’m nowhere near as stretchy as that. Kudos to her.

  • alire



    Just beautiful, she must have felt really good to stay so limber! That will come in handy chasing the little one around!