Photos of the Nikon D4S That’s on Display at CES


One of the most simultaneously exciting and vague photography announcements to come out of CES this year was the official confirmation that Nikon’s new flagship D4S is on the way. And even though very few details were revealed — find out about those here — attendees were given the opportunity to stare longingly at a D4S that the Nikon folks had brought with them to their booth.

As you already know, we weren’t there to ogle ourselves, but Chris Gampat over at The Phoblographer was kind enough to let us share the photos he took of the D4S.

Here are the shots (please excuse slight blur, it was behind glass and so crisp shots were hard to come by):





Any thoughts after this brief glimpse at a camera most of us will never be able to afford? Let us know in the comments.

Image credits: Photographs by Chris Gampat/The Phoblographer and used with permission.

  • Daschund

    So basically Nikon said “We’re developing a new camera, here is how the buttons will look like”? Sorry for not being excited…

  • Carsten Schlipf

    Don’t know the Layout of the D4 enough to recognize any changes other than the D4s letters, but to me it appears that the s is somehow appearing to be squeezed in at the corner of the body. Could this be photoshopped? Also on the back the s appears to be off center to the right.

  • harumph

    Not only that, but the button layout is exactly the same as the D4.

  • Michal

    Someone should really tell Nikon that software upgrades can be done without the introduction of the “S” models… Sorry but paying $6k for a software upgrade is a complete nonsense. Get your sht together, Nikon!

  • RMJ

    It’s real and you will see them being used in 4 weeks. That’s why it was “announced”.

  • Colin Peddle

    The d3 to the d3s was a pretty significant jump. Perhaps this will be too?

  • SoftonDemand

    Could you say that Nikon got canon off guard? Instead of releasing a high mp camera (d4x) which canon expected them to release (since they r developing high mp eos-1 body) they release high iso/speed camera (d4s). Interesting. But truly i wanted a d4x first

  • Carsten Schlipf

    I am not doubting that a D4s is really existing. I am just not sure whether these images show a real D4s.

  • Oj0

    So Nikon put a D4 on display and printed an “s” on the back of the body? Specs, please!

  • tagalasang808

    I guess it is a different sensor with 24mp over the 16 of the old D4.

  • Mike

    I expected a D4s to look like a Lunar next to the D4!

  • QuahogStewie

    If you google “Nikon D4s CES 2014″ you’ll find many different photos of the same camera at the show. It’s unlikely that they’re all Photoshopped.

  • Thanasis Maikousis

    What is the problem with the 3 stop lever for the manual focus, single point and continuos and the second lever on the back for selecting focus points? Why did they change it? I have a D3s, I am shooting concerts and I am using both of them a lot.

  • Gav

    I am completely underwhelmed…

  • 写真家

    One reason gave up on Nikon after 20 years. 6k cameras get expensive after while

  • douglasfotografix

    I’ve been a Nikon shooter for years but they are out pricing themselves as of late. Most of us would rather have software updates for our D4’s instead of shelling out $7k for an update.

  • castiel diallo

    the picture is probably shopped. it will probably look very similar to the d4. same case with the d7100 and d610. nothing to get excited about. i dont think it will be out this year. perhaps in 2016. in most ways it appears to be a teeny bit better than a d4, but not enough for those of you with a d4 to buy a d4s. i think i will stick with my d610. it takes very good photos.