Canon Shows Off the Inner Workings of Its Lenses in Cool CES Demos

Unfortunately, what with major changes at the helm and making sure that we hit 2014 running, we weren’t able to make it to Vegas for CES this year. And I say unfortunately because, not only does it mean we’ll have to wait a minute to get hands on with some of the new releases, but it also meant missing cool demonstrations like the ones you see above.

The video was filmed by Stan Horaczek over at Popular Photography and it shows the demos that Canon is currently running on the showroom floor to tempt CES attendees over to its booth.

In the you get to see how three of the mechanisms found in Canon’s lenses actually work: the quiet STM or stepping motor, the electromagnetic technology they use to control the aperture diaphragm, and the optical stabilization technology built into their lenses.

It’s captivating stuff, and really helps you to understand and appreciate the technology you have working for you when you’re using Canon’s gear.

Video: This Is What Goes On Inside Canon Lenses [PopPhoto]

  • Bj√∂rn Lubetzki

    Wasn’t something like that on the Canon booth of the Photokina 2012?

  • kassim

    Really? Looks like they are recycling gimmick just like the sensor, muhahahaha…

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    What makes it a gimmick? It’s an informative display that would be awesome if all manufacturers did something similar. Even in a simple web video format.

  • Flame

    we should all focus on the very true “just like the sensor” part of that comment

  • lexplex


  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    That depends on what sensor you’re talking about. The one they no longer use for the T[x]I line or the one they no longer use for the 5D line or the xxD line. That was a funny comment during their last gen of cameras as the txi line was largely the same sensor since the 7D/ t2i. Though, the 5DII was a new sensor from the 5D and the 7D. Seems as though the joke only holds true for the txi lines and sometimes the xxD lines.

  • mike921

    I don’t see any gold plated components – after all, some of Canon’s lenses are quite pricey – and it ain’t the performance….