Lexar Announces Its Own CFast 2.0 Card, Claims ‘World’s Fastest Memory Card’ Title


One of the cool, though not all that useful, announcements to come out of CES yesterday night was of Lexar’s new “world’s fastest memory card.” The announcement is cool because, well, it’s the world’s fastest memory card. It’s not useful (at least not yet) because chances are very good you don’t own a camera that can take advantage of it.

The card in question is the Lexar 3333x CFast 2.0, the second such card we’ve heard of over the past few months. The first was the SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 card, which clocked in a mind-boggling read speed of up to 450MB/s, but Lexar has them beat. The new 3333x card theoretically tops out at a data transfer rate of 500MB/s.


Of course, as we said before, you won’t really be able to take advantage of that speed unless, of course, you own a high-end cinema camera like the Arri Amira — but that might change with the next wave of high-end DSLRs.

As of yet, Lexar is keeping pricing and availability info to itself, but we do know that the super-fast cards will come in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB sizes, and will be released alongside a USB 3.0 reader designed to work with the HR1 reader hub (pictured above) that was such a hit this last year.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    What’s next? Worlds best buggy-whip?

  • Andrew Hollywood

    ohh man Jimmy, that made me LOL. Thank you

  • Eugene Chok

    Raw 4k video DSLRs here we come !

  • Guest

    Awesome in theory….if you have a computer that can actually handle these files.

  • Carl Meyer

    And while XQD cards are something totally unnecessary perpetrated by Sony’s greed, CFast 2.0 is something needed and magically no more compatibly or price whining.

  • DSLR Video Studio

    I wonder how this handle cameras shooting in burst mode or HDR video