Pro Soccer Player Ponies Up $20,000 After Stomping Camera

Professional sports photographers know their equipment is always at risk, but British Getty Images shooter Richard Heathcote was still surprised and more than a bit miffed when his DSLR bit the dust at Saturday’s Hull-vs.-West Bromwich Premiere League soccer match.

That’s because his DSLR (looks like a Canon 1D?) — which was staked down behind the goal and remotely triggered — survived Hull player Jake Livermore’s opening goal just fine. It was afterward, when the player went on a celebration stampede and apparently decided to try and score a second goal with the camera, that the rig took a severe beating.

Heathcote took to Twitter with an image of the fractured rig and a ding to Livermore asking, “Where do you want me to send the repair bill?”

To his credit, Livermore stepped up right away with an apology, a promise to pay the estimated $10,000 to replace the camera and an additional vow to donate a like amount to cancer research. Heathcote’s response: “Thanks, jump next time … looks much better in photos …”

(via Bleacher Report)

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  • Adam Cross

    I was watching this game and was literally like WTF :O when I saw him kick it, just… wow.

  • Jim Macias

    So I guess it wasn’t a free kick. I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  • Michael Palmer

    Fair play to him for paying up.

  • Woody ONeal

    rim shot

  • Matthew Neumann

    Anyone got a link to the footage of him booting it?

  • Björn Lubetzki

    I wouldn’t call it fair play. He was the one that wrecked that thing on purpose in the first place!! So he is the one that is paying the bill….As simple as that! The additional money to cancer research is nice, but it would be easier to simply give the money to cancer research next time (without destroying a camera before doing it).

  • ingmarmxy321

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  • Peter Blake

    seems like only the lens is buggered. lens mount stuck on body. no? still, $10k for a buggered lens sounds like good business

  • D.G. Brown

    I can’t for the life of me figure out what zoom lens would fit properly on a 1DX with a minimum focal length of 18mm… (If that was a crop lens, it would make sense why an impact could hurt the camera)

  • Scott Scheetz

    I think it says 16, and that its the 16-35mm L.

  • D.G. Brown

    You’re right :)

    Apparently my eyes need more work. I think it was just that I didn’t see a red ring on the front (the angle makes it look like the gold USM ring). Makes way way more sense than someone Frankensteining an EF-S on a 1DX :-P

  • Clive Rowland

    a little OT, but can you still class yourself as a photographer by triggering a remote camera like this?

  • Kynikos

    Ouch. Five minutes’ wages.

  • tgfhfg

    thats just because its a canon, with a Sony A7 would not have happened

  • Craig Swinson

    A canon 1D X is a $6,700 camera and that Sigma 18-50 lens is like $400?!? How does what is really a broken lens and a CPS Service on a body turn into a $20,000 bill?

  • Captain Obvious

    I highly recommend re-reading the article Craig. It is clearly why the payment is $20,000.

  • Brian French

    Glad he paid for it. I’m just baffled that he didn’t break his foot while kicking the 1DX, that thing is a brick.

  • Craig Swinson

    Like I said, $20k is bogus. $10k for the camera is bogus…so saying I’ll pay $10k for a camera and $10k as a donation makes no sense. The photog should step up and admit his gear is no where near that and that it’s a repair not replace. if the photog takes $10k he should donate the difference of the actual repair ~$1000 which would mean $9k to the charity.

  • James

    1. This was in England. That camera is £4800, with VAT.
    2. Why should the photographer have to risk having his camera repaired (plus the lost time) when the damage was intentional?

  • BertNewton

    Yes. In fact considering the person triggering the camera is most likely also operating a camera on the sidelines at the same time, they are performing quite a feat. Can you still class yourself as a musician if you use an electric guitar? A cinematographer if your camera is attached to a drone? A writer if you use a laptop? Please google the word ‘technology’, every now and again things change, often for the better.

  • analogworm

    Also, i dont know in what part of the game he decided to destroy the camera. But ‘m with one camera out he’d miss part if the game, and thus part of his income and livelihood.
    Plus it’s lost time and effort having to deal with the repairs nd such, time which could be used photographing and making money. So i’d say 10k seems a lot. But really it isn’t.

  • Craig Swinson

    If you notice he said in his tweet, where do I send the rpair bill. So based on his request for a repair, I am giving repair cost. As an owner of 4 of them, a break at the mount is more an issue with the lens. As well any decent pro photog has CPS gold or Platinum which reduces cost of repair and loaner until repair.

  • Craig Swinson

    As a pro photog with CPS platinum. 1 he asks for a repair and the repair ship back to canon is next day and free.
    He asked for a repair, I am talking repair costs.

    As for loss of income. It’s a remote which often is like B roll video…nice but not always the money maker.

  • greenarcher02

    The mount looked damaged as well..

  • greenarcher02

    Have you tried kicking your A7?

  • greenarcher02

    The tweets aren’t all there is to it… Afterwards, the player promised to pay to REPLACE the camera itself.

  • vp

    its these plastic mounts that are the problem :-)